DOJ Joins Groups Suing GA Over Voter Suppression: 'Motivated By Discriminatory Purpose' 1

DOJ Joins Groups Suing GA Over Voter Suppression: ‘Motivated By Discriminatory Purpose’


Janai Nelson, associate director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Georgia voter suppression law targets Black voters and other groups and what it means that the DOJ has joined the case.
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    1. @Cody Meyer, people like me *and* you who constantly click on these videos and everyone that has up voted you. ;D Keep up the good work Cody!

  1. How sad a life do you live if you watch daily the Rachel Maddow Show, even sadder if you believe what she says is the truth. My heart weeps for you, get me a tissue.

    1. So that part about not allowing voting on Sunday morning – that’s just a fictitious thing right? I mean if a county wants to have Sunday morning voting it’s really okay, right?

  2. Isn’t them saying that minorities aren’t capable of applying for a voter ID racist in itself? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @SNOOPY COLEMAN #1 You think our system isn’t broken? Say that to the children in the Middle East.

      Going my way would require radical changes that specifically target human trafficking. For example the Crisis at the Border and Mask wearing has given traffickers the dream while countless women and children disappear to live their lives as actual slaves. While Biden has been in office these issues have not only been ignored but supported.

      However I’m willing to go as far as making sure people can trust their vote is worth something. That tends to only do good things for a country. All things considered

      Other than that you’re clearly a troll who doesn’t understand a thing about the real world.

    2. Most of them don’t do research anyways on who they’re voting for or are felons that can’t

    3. ​@WeenieBeenie A drivers license is $50.00 where I’m at. a State ID is way cheaper. Also we don’t need to use any of those things and make a registration ID affordable.

      I’m actually more into Constitutional Monarchy. It’s the most stable form of government if you create a Theocratic symphonia along side it.

      I think putting the future of this country on the line to give a heroine addict and a criminal a “right to vote” is a much stupider idea than you think.

      You want your voting block to have skin in the game. Otherwise they aren’t voting practically but for ideology’s sake. Or in the heroine addicts case, for more heroine. I tend to see ideology as a dangerous drug anyway.

      That’s what we have now. Ideology and a back and forth competition for power. All a psychopath needs is the simpleton’s PC language and to hate the right people to see himself elevated to a position that controls the military. In Biden’s case it was Trump.

      People need to hate something. If they believe they aren’t Hateful the media can easily manipulate them by siphoning their hatred into something that serves corporate interests. That’s what we got this last election.

      So making voting requirements more strict wouldn’t hurt anyone. If an addict wants to vote he can get clean first… That goes for both the guy on Heroine and the Ideologue who’s grown up in a bubble.

    4. @Ezra Kirkpatrick Any American citizen would get the ID.

      You can’t really talk about the value of Freedom after an entire year of lockdowns that was only 14 days to slow the spread as promised.

      Freedom is a destructive force for a population that lacks moral and ethical conviction. I think having ID’s would make people who still think for themselves trust the election results a bit more.

  3. DOJ joins groups? Oh, please, exactly what “groups” are we talking about? Just say it, DOJ joins Democratic Party. not “groups” just “Democratic Party”!

    1. But if we go by what Biden says they’re too dumb to even log onto the internet, but we know democrats will give the minorities crumbs as they always have to string the special interest groups along just enough to get their vote and if you speak against this you are then racist, funny how since Floyd was killed everyone and everything is racist…….. Mandating ID to vote now is also racist…… Somehow……

  4. When’s the State of the Union ! We all want to here from you Joe ! We want to here you shout out all the names of the people that got you where you are today ! Don’t shout out any launch codes well you’re mumbling with your speech to the American people ! That’s if the speech happens at all most likely not !

  5. Have you ever heard a democrat complain about requiring an ID to cash a check, to board a plane, to get a mortgage, to get a credit card, to buy alcohol, etc, etc ? No, they never do. But why not? Aren’t all those discrimination ? Funny, democrats only complain about voting, because THAT affects them, but they don’t care at all about anything else.

  6. Only living US Citizens (proven by proper ID) should ever be allowed to vote and vote only once. Any other arrangement is election fraud.

  7. Every improper vote cancels out someone else’s vote, so by not have solid laws for voting, everyone’s vote is potentially suppressed.

  8. The only ones making this what it is, are the leftists who are going to have a hard time cheating next time.

    1. If I go to my bank and take out a couple hundred bucks, say, and immediately drive to a different branch it will show that couple hundred buck gone. Why can’t someone vote anywhere if they are a valid voter? Sure would take care of those long lines.

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