DOJ Must Commit To Prosecuting ‘True Leaders’ Of 1/6 Insurrection Say Legal Expert

NBC News has reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has informed the House Democratic Steering and Policy committee that she will create a select committee to study the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Legal expert Elie Mystal joins Joy Reid on what he believes is necessary for a thorough prosecution of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
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    1. It’s not just Fox. Sinclair broadcasting, NewsMax, and OAN are refusing to show these images.
      Sinclair owns 70% of local news stations across the country.

    2. @Greg M dont be mad because nobody is watching your propaganda networks..
      Cnn dumps viewrs everyday, not because their anchors are ugly or hard to listen to , because they lie and play false edited shows.
      Lol I am sorry you are woke

    3. @robert hollingsworth atvwhat pointvdid i mention orang man?
      Who needs to let what go?

  1. Dam right. Everyone and his dog knows exactly who is responsible for Jan 06 yet he is still walking around scot free.

    1. @toni harmon as if you have evidence, you always put it out there like you know it all and you know jack about anything

    2. The proof comes straight from the fat man himself. Besides he’s already admitted that he lost the election.

    3. Could a mob boss be charged for the crimes by his associates eventhough he was never present?

    1. I saw a troll account who copied your name and image earlier today. The account was 2 hours old. I reported them as spam.

    2. @Sin of Pride Escanor no… I dont Pretend to be something I’m not, unlike Europeans who pretend to be United States citizens in the YouTube comment section.

  2. I’m reading a lot of articles regarding People who have criminal records who showed up on January 6th.

    So these guys are holding guns to kids heads and beating their wives?

    “Make America Great Again” 🇺🇸 ?

    1. BLMtifa was no where to be found that day. They are a dream. And certainly not convicted felons. Not a single one. Nor anyone that died at police hands. All innocent and none convicted of any prior crimes, nor engaged in committing crimes. I hear NancyPelosi is a virgin too. 🙄

    2. @Fiona Bologna unfortunately 😕 your Comment was Racist, and I don’t think that was your intention oh wait……..

  3. Who funded the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, or Three Percenters for the January 6 Riots? The Trump Organization, Trump Campaign, Republican National Committee, National Rifle Association, or Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg?

    1. Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, paid for some of the buses. It was up on her Twitter prior to the 6th, but she took it down.

  4. Scientific American asked Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist, to comment on the psychology behind Trump’s destructive behavior, and what attracts his followers to him.

    ” TheReasons are multiple and varied. I have outlined two major emotional drives: narcissistic symbiosis and shared psychosis. Narcissistic symbiosis refers to the developmental wounds that make the leader-follower relationship magnetically attractive. The leader, hungry for adulation to compensate for an inner lack of self-worth, projects grandiose omnipotence—while the followers, rendered needy by societal stress or developmental injury, yearn for a parental figure. When such wounded individuals are given positions of power, they arouse similar pathology in the population that creates a “lock and key” relationship.

    “Shared psychosis”—which is also called “folie à millions” [“madness for millions”] when occurring at the national level or “induced delusions”—refers to the infectiousness of severe symptoms that goes beyond ordinary group psychology. When a highly symptomatic individual is placed in an influential position, the person’s symptoms can spread through the population through emotional bonds, heightening existing pathologies and inducing delusions, paranoia and propensity for violence—even in previously healthy individuals.”

    Destructiveness is a core characteristic of mental pathology, whether directed toward the self or others. When mental pathology is accompanied by criminal-mindedness, the combination can make individuals far more dangerous than either alone.

    In my textbook on violence, I emphasize the symbolic nature of violence and how it is a life impulse gone awry. Briefly, if one cannot have love, one resorts to respect. And when respect is unavailable, one resorts to fear. Trump is now living through an intolerable loss of respect: rejection by a nation in his election defeat. Violence helps compensate for feelings of powerlessness, inadequacy and lack of real productivity.”

    1. Excellent assesment David. Yeah all those variables you mentioned are without question… especially the father figure example… You said it better obviously but I literally agree with EVERYTHING you mention. It checks all the boxes

  5. GQP is like a child trying to justify their their terrible behavior because their sister did worse😒🙄 Comparing an INSURRECTION to unrelated riots and peaceful protests is DISGUSTING

    1. @Blake JonesII How much of those billions of damages were peaceful protesters that got horrendously injured by police brutality, causing tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills, completely unnecessary? Or if it doesn’t yet include that number, why doesn’t it? aren’t you interested in the truth?

    2. @Ugly German Truths police brutality….hahahaha. like the protestors weren’t doin’ nothin’….lol. they were just standing around all innocent like and the businesses looted themselves and spontaneously caught on fire.

  6. One thing is for sure,. Justice isn’t equal. If I invited and incited a riot in Washington DC. I would have been arrested PRONTO ! Next Day. Same day

    1. Those that rioted in DC during the summer, burning the little church and injuring secret service officers were set free.

  7. I commend the republican party. It takes a lot of courage to wake up every morning knowing you supported an attempted coup on your own country and still pretend you’re the ones who love America. 😂🤣

    1. @Hewlett William Yep! Talk about being on the wrong side of history. It’s all out there thank god and when folks look back on the Trump/Biden years they’ll say “What were Democrats thinking”? It’s so obvious how the media and establishment went after Trump from the day he announced his running, until the day he died. You and I both know that hindsight is always 20/20 so it will be even easier to see the truth by putting all the pieces together. The left is terrified that Trump will run again in 2024 and win! Why else would they and the “mainstream media” be pushing this cheesy little “insurrection”after ignoring all of the real mayhem that the whole world got to see? LOL Right now Democrats think they got away with it but Joe Biden’s America is a violent, ugly, America and he can’t ignore the real issues anymore. The virtue signalling First blah, blah, blah Kamala Harris is a joke of a “border Czar” and the media is starting to realize that they might not be able to protect them. All they do is hand out “prizes” for the SJW’s and ignore real matters. People will look back on this as the time when Democrats tried to destroy the country and implement their new version of communism.

    2. Unfortunately the POS are still in the process of committing a coup. with all of the new voting restrictions and also making it easier for states to overturn an election that they don’t like, think about it.

    1. That is WHY they voted against it.
      And now are constantly producing soundbytes for Trump TV about how nobody really knows what’s going on. Next they will put doubts on the commission calling it a partisan effort to persecute patriotic Americans who did nothing wrong, just wait for it.

    2. @762 yet another moronic seditionist. that’s gone and has gotten those little fee fees hurt by hearing the truth and dealing with reality.

    3. they should have voted against and well as the damned demorats, it is a worthless pos bill, also let’s illegals and non-citizens vote. READ THE POS BILL

  8. Ron Johnson was involved in the insurrection bottom line. He knows FBI has data on the link between Trump the RNC and GOP congressional members along with state GOP members. They should have been impeached and removed already

  9. I’m sorta lost when it comes to the DOJ. I thought he was going to be the justice hero. I would like for him to talk more to the public in some way to show he IS doing something.

    1. Chris Wray is still the FBI director. Google:
      “Chris Wray Bridgegate cover-up”,
      and you’ll see why Chris Wray is dragging his feet.

    1. So that’s the answer
      Let seal team six breach Mario del Lardass and get final justice for America

    2. there has already been too many spent on this, Congress needs to let it go and stop unnecessary spending on things other agencies are taking care of.

  10. So. Muller report says that he can be arrested once he’s out of office! WHY. ISN’T. HE. iN HANDCUFFS. YET???

    1. @DarkAppleSith says to his own eyes as to the half side of brain left to watch it all on LIVE TV.

  11. The insurrectionists attacked police with pipes, bear spray and tasers and built gallows to hang the vice president.
    The riots last summer are a separate issue.

    1. of course you are say that while looters are not prosecuted….lol
      they built gallows…..hahahahaha

  12. Ron’s making himself look more and more complicit; did he offer tours to the “tourists” before the insurrection?

    1. Given the mindset of the Republican/seditionist’s in the House and senate these days they absolutely knew about them guaranteed.

    2. Don’t forget Johnson went to Moscow Russia over our Independence Day weekend 2018. Did he and other Republikkkans go to Moscow Russia to get their marching orders from their Russian handlers?

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