DOJ Official Blames Trump Administration For Separation Policy At Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

DOJ Official Blames Trump Administration For Separation Policy At Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


New reporting from the DOJ blames President Trump for the “failed” "zero tolerance" immigration policy separating families at the border. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expressed regret and said it was a “failed policy that should never should have been proposed or implemented.“ Aired on 01/14/2021.
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DOJ Official Blames Trump Administration For Separation Policy At Border | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. The rats are scurrying on the deck, as the ship takes on water. All loyalty goes out the window win the finger of corruption and immorality start pointing.

    1. @Patton Moore i didn’t take it that way. But whoever they can’t shoot a person on 5th ave and get away with it like tRump

    2. @April Campbell … he said those that “instigate mob rule” should be “shot”… and 97% of Democrats and 33% of Republicans blame trump for “instigating” the insurrection… therefore, that’s what he meant..

    1. @Luna Oya•She Lives I live in South Texas by the Mexican border. During the Obama and Biden years they had built many cages and the immigrants were being bused straight to the cages.There was alot of protest .My sister owns the newspaper in that area. So I was able to get a close look. But it wasn’t necessary the buses passed right in front of us.

    2. I do agree that neither party handled it well. But it angers me when the Democratic party acts so innocent

    1. @Get Data so people who support our constitution and founding fathers are now ‘ terrorists ‘ can you get any dumber?

    1. @JW Hills That is a lie and numerous reporters tried to cover the Obama administration putting kids in cages but they were shutdown. Fact is the pic they used of kids in cages was taken by Blaze media during the Obama administration. Truth hurts!

    2. @Donna Adams The “kids in cages” under Obama were unaccompanied minors, not children ripped from their families. They were also processed in days, not months. Facts matter, unless you’re a trumphumping moron.

    3. @Donna Adams BLAZE MEDIA?! . GIRL, that’s ran by Glenn Beck, he’s not a reporter, he’s a commentator….omg. you’re as dumb as I thought.

    4. @james warrick Obama had the cages built, but he did not take children from families. Trump did that. Trump used the cages.

    5. @james warrick … Obama did indeed have undocumented immigrants deported. But he did not separate children from families, nor did he cage children.

    1. @Crimdor Your right! Obama was Complicit on getting you health care so you could seek mental health. “Use it! is Affordable”

    1. @Bini Lee … What an awful thing to say, but I dont expect any less from paid trolls. They are paid to spew lies, propaganda, insite division..what a sad bunch!!

    2. @what? oh! yes, child traffickers, the very thing that President Trump is fighting. He has arrested more child traffickers than any other President!!

    3. @Love Heals ~trump has so much money and people on the inside, bet he had someone make videos for proof…link please. Did you see it on YouTube

    4. @Rhonda Bailey Trump would never make phony videos lol but the left do it all the time. I will be so thankful when everything is released and people see who the real culprits are..What a happy day that will be.

  2. What does protecting the bordes has to do with separating breastfeeding children from their mothers?

    1. Mike you can’t tell me you don’t see that as propaganda. Either the video is old talking about current events which is misleading or COVID don’t spread at the border. What is stupid?

  3. This was so bad Rosenstien cared so much he resigned after people started talking about it, instead of sticking around and trying to stop it..

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