DOJ Partially Discloses Memo On Why Trump Wasn't Charged With Obstruction 1

DOJ Partially Discloses Memo On Why Trump Wasn’t Charged With Obstruction

The Department of Justice released a portion of a memo cited by former Attorney General William Barr as a reason not to pursue obstruction of justice charges against former President Donald Trump Monday night. The DOJ, however, said it is appealing a judge's order to disclose the rest of it. Pete Williams reports.
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  1. So the freedoms administration act just really protects the corrupt…such a transparent system…NOT

  2. The Great philosopher Nino Brown once said “Don’t get mad Tito…Its the American Way!”

    1. @Justin Grassmyer
      More federal officials plead the 5th under Obama than any president in history.

    2. @William Walsh
      Save the apologetics. If it were Trump or any Republican you would be blaming them.
      And yes the government can effect gas prices in a multitude of ways from taxes to regulation to banning drilling and pipelines.
      In my business we buy thousands of dollars worth of fuel a week and after 40 years of doing so I can predict price spikes based on the rhetoric and actions of government officials along with weather and world events.

    3. @Radical leftist
      “so out with due process hello authoritarianism”
      Who brought up the Nov. 6th political prisoners being tortured and denied due process or the female Trump supporter murdered in cold blood by a BLM supprting cop who made threats against Trump supporters on social media. A cop they refuse to name or charge.

    4. @Tony Mathis your premise is flawed on so many levels. without context thats meaningless and you know it.
      pleading the fifth isnt an admission of guilt, i canbe used to protect others like in the fast and furious case where local cops proposed an idea and botched it badly.

      Id like to know wwhere you heard that btw. trumps had record indictments record turnover, record… do I have to go on? I could if you actually care about corruption instead of conspiracy theories. Obama was being hounded by mcconnell who literally swore to destroy him. they love a media circus andf you fell for it

  3. “Pre decisional discussion…”

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”

    1. That really caught my attention as well. If a “Pre decisional discussion…” mentioned anything about “political liability or vulnerability” in it’s calculations or considerations, the DOJ wouldn’t want that to be made public.

      That would be tantamount to charging someone simply because they are “Black” or not charging someone simply because they are an “All American White male Christian heterosexual.”

    2. Really they do not want people to hear what their reasonings are because some probably are being thought of as wrong or unjust but they have to consider their options. Since those conversations are not the decision but talks about how to conclude one there really is no reason to cause public outcry in a sense.

  4. The degree to which your government and its agencies keep the citizenry in the dark is phenomenal.

    1. @Rainbow Lion “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”

      He did everything right in front of your nose, and you didn’t even see it

    2. @Red Dwarf mind giving a hint on what this everything is? Trump advertised God and boosted Christians. So I’m very curious for your take.

    3. @Rainbow Lion Peaceful protesters outside a church were peppersprayed so Trump could have his photo taken with an upside-down bible. If you think Trump advertised God, then you’re absolutely deluded.

      Take yourself outside of your bubble in order to look at the bigger picture.

    1. @Lloyd Little nah, it will just define our abilities and what lies beyond them. It doesn’t suddenly erase everything you do know.. it just shows you how little that truly is. A miniscule but true glimpse as infinity..

    2. @GreenKrickett The truth is being covered up with lies, there is no difference. This is why nobody likes government/politicians, they all lie through their teeth. Transparency would lead to REAL reform and changes determined by the people.

    3. I think they are holding it back and will release it when it will do the most damage to the Republicans
      When your opponent gives you a tool to use against him, don’t waste it

    1. He’s not legally allowed to! Just because he has a lawyer that says something, it does not make it so.

  5. I didn’t know that if I got subpoena to testify I could tell them what they can ask me and what questions I’ll answer. I’ll have to remember that.

    1. @2 Thessalonians 2:7
      You don’t have the right to plead the 5th to everything. Why do you think that? Where did you get such a silly notion?

    2. @war1980 The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that no person in a criminal case can be compelled to be a witness against themselves. This is why when you get arrested, the first section of your Miranda Rights begins with ” You have the right to remain silent”. Unfortunately, stupid people just dont know when to shut up.

    3. @2 Thessalonians 2:7
      Right. It covers questions that would required you to incriminate yourself in the context of criminal proceedings. That is it. It doesn’t cover everything.

    4. @war1980 You have the right to not answer anything at any time. It is a free country. So if you are being investigated or charged with something, and you know you are innocent, your best bet is to stay quiet and let the “evidence”… or lack-thereof, speak for itself. Otherwise, anything you say can and will be used against you. Also, I am pretty sure Trump hasn’t lawyered up for the latest scandal against him either. No lawyer needed when you know there is no evidence of wrong-doing, because you are innocent.

    5. @war1980 Hey, give me just one example where someone has been has been charged and jailed specifically for pleading the 5th Amendment with no evidence of a crime. Instead of just arguing like a bratty little teenager, prove your dang point with your evidence already because I am exhausted of this. So until you have evidence to back up your claim, I am pleading the 5th. Good night!

    1. Because it would do more damage to the Republicans if we see it right before the midterms

    1. I’m afraid of “us”. Does that count? Heck, almost 50% saw everything Trump did and voted for him a second time.

    2. Yes I think we should be afraid of some of us. There are to many sheeple around and there are a multitude of foil hat wearer’s. Just saying.

    3. @fredy gump I couldn’t believe that he was elected the first time. Of course look at who his opponent was. Neither chose was good. Goofy for president. Lol

  6. It’s like a big joke where everyone knows they’re getting f**ked, and is just okay with being lied to.

  7. Weird, for the passed 3 years, all the checksmarts and their cult followers on Twitter were calling this an open and shut case.

  8. “Your Honor, due to national security implications we can’t tell tell the American people just how bad it was…”

  9. McGahn should have testified long, long ago. Imagine all the needless suffering he could have prevented.

  10. How can there be such a thing as presidential immunity when there are many leaders who have been convicted of crimes against humanity? Lock him up!

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