DOJ Recovered $2.3 Million Of Ransom Paid In Colonial Pipeline Attack 1

DOJ Recovered $2.3 Million Of Ransom Paid In Colonial Pipeline Attack


Department of Justice recovered a majority of the ransom paid to the hacker group DarkSide in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. 
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    1. Yup, the former Florida blogger can’t fire inspectors general and FBI agents who investigate Russians any longer.

    1. Imagine how much more we could do if our government had the support it needs. If more people would get out and vote, we could see more progress like this.

  1. We need to come up with a way to fry their systems when they attempt a ransom ware attack.

    1. If they were that easy to detect, they would never be successful in the first place. They are often working their way around systems for months before they attack.

    2. @PhilLesh69 Nope. Extremely informed with a basis in truth. Truth is reality. You’ll learn.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Probably wasn’t your bank, then. lol. Did you think that every other bank used the same exact systems you used? Maybe they were diebold or EDS ATMs. Could have even been something a regional bank put together in house.

    4. @Heritage Karma lol. ok buddy. you send a “spike” into their system using the two copper wires that connect your computer to theirs. lol. oh boy.

    1. @Adam Parisi While Trump cannot even pronounce “Thailand,” and was rambling during his appearance in North Carolina: “Together we will defund our freedoms.”
      “…suspended removals, and even removeables, removals of just horrible, horrible…”
      Yeah, sounds like Trump is the one suffering from dementia.

    1. @Mr. White Indeed bitcoin is a young technology. Ultimately no one can eat bitcoin, gold, silver, gems or paper currency even when they actually have those things in their hand.

    2. @Ian Carolan See… and silver will always have value. It had value for 1000’s of years before we were around and it will continue to have value for 1000’s of years. I’m trying to get someone to explain this to me. Bitcoin is worth $34,000 as I type this. What happens if tomorrow, the US dollar is completely dead and there is no more US dollar, what do you value Bitcoin against?

    3. @Device Detective That didn’t answer my question. I’m aware you can cash out. Re-read what I wrote.

    1. @karan dilday you’re completely wrong. Link some proof if that’s the case? Otherwise you are spouting vile filth and attacking us Americans who are trying live in a democracy. You people are so pathetic and it’s sad.

      You are so selfish and insecure that you allow people to lie to you, show no proof, and then claim real proof is fake without any evidence. Have some respect for yourself, you’re still a human being.

    2. Progressive Humanist
      US Dept. Of Justice: “We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists”
      US Capitol Terrorists: “Says Who”.

    3. You mean one of Bill Barr that should be disbarred, and put behind bar and never allowed to be in a bar, or given a chocolate bar behind bar?

    4. Why is the DOJ acting on behalf of a private corporation who poisons us with their pipeline leaks? And why are people cheering for this?

    1. This wouldn’t have been possible under the last administration. If more people would get out and vote, we could see more progress like this.

  2. WOW! A DOJ solving cases now and letting those involved will be found and caught. Way to go show the American people that you are here for them.

  3. Hard to believe. Lol.
    Score one for the home team. Let’s see alot more of this. That was defensive. How about a little offense now.

  4. The DOJ is again able to go after these ransomware cretins, they are finally getting back to what they do without someone at the helm stopping them. Go get ’em!

  5. She’s good. I do think that Colonial Pipeline needs to pay for this investigation. They are getting their money back, but we paid to get it back. Big businesses need to pay more taxes.

    1. Big businesses need to ramp up their IT and invest seriously in cyber security. That’s basic.

    2. So, if your house gets robbed, do you think you need to pay the police a fee to recover your property?

  6. The DOJ did something quickly and effectively? Haven’t seen that from them in the previous four years…

    1. @charles bombaugh he probably give the information to hack them he sold us out to Russia big time, that fat trash need to pay .

    2. it’s was Putin that OK the transfer on money just in time for the meeting with Biden.

    3. Yeah because it totally happened. Why do you trust anything they say? They’ve been proven to be liars.

    1. Dark Side: ” Bill Barr was worth bit coin we paid him. Who says you can’t buy piece of mind?”

    2. Besides, they cannot prosecute an active cyber criminal gang while they have all of Bill barrs passwords.

  7. Luckily Barr is not, still, running the DOJ; he would have been on the receiving end of the paid ransom, and then, covered it up.

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