DOJ releases Capitol riot videos from case involving Proud Boys 1

DOJ releases Capitol riot videos from case involving Proud Boys


The Justice Department released three videos sed in a federal court case against a Capitol riot defendant accused of leading the Proud Boys in the insurrection on January 6.
The videos show the defendant, Charles Donohoe, among the rioters and other Proud Boys preparing their moves, then pushing into the US Capitol with makeshift weapons.
The video release is the first related to a major planned conspiracy case in the Capitol riot investigation, after a coalition of media outlets, including CNN, sought access to the tapes from court proceedings.
It's also one of the first sets of up-close glimpses provided by prosecutors of the video evidence they're using to illustrate key Proud Boys moving to attack the Capitol.
The Justice Department didn't identify where it got the video from, but the clips appear to match angles and moments caught on film and posted online on various streaming and social media sites on or after January 6.
Donohoe has plead not guilty.

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  1. As Benedict Donald said on 1/6: “Never forget!”
    One time he was right, it was indeed a terrible day against our constitutional republic.

    1. @Angry Patriots can you please stick to the subject matter? It’s about January 6th….you won’t be able to handle it if we were to actually speak about your Charlottesville marches. So come on back to the subject matter.

    2. @Collin C. you as well….stop trying to protect white supremacy. That’s not helping anyone.

    3. Your right but how would you react if you saw videos of ANTIFA and BLM rioters arrive by busses and allowed in the building by capitol police hours before the rally ended? I saw the videos on the 7th but your buddies at CNN somehow conveniently have produced them, do you have any idea Why?

    1. @Bass INC im an american. So i believe in the right to peacefully assemble. I do not believe that you have the right to break the law bc your upset or bad things have happened to you or your people or friends. Conservative or progressive. I also dont think its smart to drive cops away bc thats whats happening. Just wait. In 10 years we wont have any cops and the poorest amoung us who need them the most will suffer under gangs and extreme violence. Cops already are not responding to calls. This is bc of this aggressive anti police mentality. You only have yourself to blame when you need the cops and they dont come.

    2. @Moller Adams Yes, critical thinking. You are reacting with emotions. Had you used your critical thinking skills instead of emotional responses, you would have concluded that I was talking about both sides. However, people like you are the problem. Put your emotions to the side. stop making excuses. They are all destroying this country.

    3. @Angry Patriots and you’re clearly from Russia who likes to project, so how is Novgorod these days, Comrade troll?

  2. Trump severely understaffed the Capitol police that day. I know because otherwise the police would’ve neutralized this threat before it became reality

    1. I am not a trump fan. I put the blame on the Capitol police leadership. They had the intelligence information and did nothing with it. I think that management wasn’t worried because they didn’t figure Trump supporters would actually do what they did. If it had been BLM coming, they would have had tanks at the ready. This ain’t on Polosi. Even though I think she thinks the same way as the Capitol police management.

    2. @wee huddy That’s odd ! I saw with my own eyes BLM being escorted off several buses that day . Who paid for that ?

    3. @Political Legacy Pelosi was in charge ! She should take responsibility for not doing her job once again .

  3. Daily Reminder: The 1/6 insurrection was all because Mango Mussolini refused to concede and peacefully transfer power.

    1. Yeah, they’re promoting Autocracy. They’re the ‘Anti Intellectual Autocrat Defense Front’

    2. @Doug Lowe

      You mean, *the camps at Guantanamo Bay. I’d love to be back at Guantanamo bay right now, they got all these nice secluded tropical beaches and on the other side shopping and everything you can want, the camps are way out in the salt flats away from everything. I don’t wish the camps on noone

  4. Arrest and prosecute trump along with the others involved. Politicians and anyone should not be above the law.

    1. @Greg Woolsey and that ole white supremacy handbook talking point doesn’t work anymore. When all else fails and you have nothing else important to speak about, bring up the Democrats. That’s the whole white supremacy talking points are about….Democrats. Get off the stage with your hatred. January 6th, player. Can you talk about it?

    2. @Chris Williams hatred? I have no hatred. Do you put rat traps out because you hate rats? No. It’s because the rats need to go.

    3. @Greg Woolsey then why are you talking about BLM when the conversation is about January 6th, rat? Not one person of importance asked you to speak about something that has nothing to do with the situation. That’s because you are either a hater or a white supremacist. Which one are you?

    4. @Greg Woolsey come on man….you spoke about the Democrats and BLM. Neither one was responsible for January 6th. So why are you acting like a hater? If it crawls like a rat and has a tail like a rat….

    5. @Greg Woolsey how many more excuses for January 6th are you going to use to defend white supremacy and deflect from January 6th?

    1. @Allex G well it’s been unequivocally proven there is quite a bit of social biases in law enforcement. So yeah there’s that. It’s not like this is the first time it’s been brought to light . The US has multiple problems within it’s law enforcement agencies and policing policies that need to be addressed yet haven’t been for decades. So yeah I can totally understand why people are fed up. Cops regularly break the laws they’ve sworn to uphold with absolutely no accountability. When the majority of the country don’t trust he police than there’s obviously an issue with the police and policing policies that need to be corrected. We fund the police and therefore we own them. They work for us and they seem to have forgotten that. If you take away qualified immunity and dismantle police unions and I can guarantee 90% of the issues would be solved right then and there. That’s the only way we can hold law enforcement to the same level of accountability as they hold citizens too. The current systems is unbalanced and unfair.

    2. @Allex G I didn’t deny the economy was good but you’re saying Trump built it up from nothing which is just completely false. It’s like the unemployment numbers, Trump only brought unemployment down a little over a percentage point. Yeah it was the lowest unemployment in US history but it wasn’t Trump that got us there . Obama added millions more jobs than Trump did during his time in office. Hell in Obama’s last 3 years in office he added 1.5 million more jobs than Trump did in his first 3 years in office. Obama brought us out of a recession and Trump put us in another one.

    3. @Matt O cops are not perfect. Never have and never will. I think its more on the community to fix itself and make cops not needed instead of trying to make cops perfect In my opinion. The black community needs some seriuos reform. Cops are not the reason why black people are killing each other and joining gangs.

    4. @Kathy Thomas You must not know anything about the rest of the world. Maybe leave your basement every so often.

    5. @Allex G you’re right cops aren’t the reason for all the gang activity and crime in minority communities. That’s mainly a socioeconomic issue and that too needs to be effectively addressed. Trump didn’t do much on that end either but to be fair no president has done much about those issues. Let’s be honest past republican policies are in large part to blame for the socioeconomic disparity in monitory communities.

      Cops aren’t perfect but when they have a bad day people die for no reason. Cops also frequently get away with breaking laws that normal citizens would be jailed for. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect police to act competently and within the scope of the law. I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to dismantle police unions and do away with qualified immunity. Why shouldn’t police be held civilly and criminally accountable for their mistakes and crimes just like private citizens are? I guarantee you that if cops could be sued in their personal capacity for mistakes made on the job, just like you can a person in any other profession, than we would have much more competent and less corrupt law enforcement agencies. They would think twice before doing something stupid. I’ve been on the receiving end of police incompetence and it’s not fun. It’s a nightmare to get any sort of justice or accountability. I had my door kicked in at 5am because those idiots were too stupid check the address on their warrant with physical address they were entering. I’m sorry but if you’re too stupid to check addresses on warrants than you’re too stupid to work in law enforcement. That’s were policing is in the US right now. It’s fucking pathetic how many low IQ, incompetent, and corrupt police we have.

    1. @Allex G You might try opening your eyes, or mind, or both of the above. Most people find that advice helpful. Give it a go! You can do it!

    2. @dan dansen even Buchanan who did nothing to prevent the Civil War isn’t worse than that orange shitshow

    1. Seethe more…
      This along with the low brithrates once again prooves why 19th amendment was a mistake….

  5. All we’re doing now is convincing our own selves that this is real and we’re not crazy. WTF are the Republicans going to do??

    1. Fake insurrection was just lucifers kids, skidmark.. Let’s talk about lucifers army, schittstain..
      You start..

    2. They are telling the maga morons it was the feds, antifa, BLM and Mickey mouse and they believe it. Even if they don’t, they’re going along with this slow moving coup. Waiting for the midterms . Then it gets ugly.

  6. Months earlier at first debate Dump, “proud boys stand back and stand by.” Way before the election even happened. You know Dump planned the whole thing. That’s treason! Lock him up now!

    1. @Kelli I don’t care what side of aisle you r on politically- you must be able to acknowledge the spin, the propaganda, the biased hyper partisan media hype & failure to report actual facts that don’t necessarily fit in to their narrative.

  7. The GOP is floundering their response to this. If they want to pretend to believe the FBI was involved, they should have voted yes to a bipartisan commission to investigate.

    1. I guess they figured after Dems completely ignored the first 14 BIPARTISAN investigations because they didn’t point fingers at the ppl Dems demanded, they figured a 15th wouldn’t do much good. but for the sake of that all-important opportunity for Dems to get to say “they did it, nana nana boo boo!” we should dismantle our entire democratic process. since everyone won’t blindly vote for a 15th investigation. it’s totally logical.

    2. They say it was antifa or that they were just ordinary tourists or that it was an FBI false flag. They can’t even keep thier story straight

    3. @LD you left out the part when they said it was just ordinary tourists taking a tour of the capitol building

  8. I can’t believe the government isn’t taking stronger action against these people. Bogus audits, unpunished sedition by politicians, this is insanity, and I fear for our republic.

    1. @Ohio Against The World AND ya’ll are IGNORANT and damn CRAZY if you want to compare one incident to the other.

    2. @Danielle w Yep, I heard trump rallying his cult for weeks and months before hand him telling his drunk boys to stand by. are you suggesting your Qook Anon cult isn’t all fired up for another Y’allqueada event ?

  9. The last moments of that vid are some strong evidence of their motivation – someone said, “ do it for Trump ! “, and many other Trump loving exclamations while we see hate hats start to appear more than they already were.

    1. Tucker likes him some Proud Boy meat. It excites him to see grown thugs try to act like tough guys. It’s all sexual fantasy. Twisted.

    1. Oh I think he needs to be allowed to play some more golf while they languish in jail to really sink the message in.

    1. @FoxxxyDragon he has never encouraged violence, unlike all the Dem leaders who are now responsible for hundreds of millions in damages to primarily minority neighborhoods, dozens killed including law enforcement.

    2. @Kathy Thomas far brighter than someone who thinks they have everything figured out as they nod and drool at CNN propaganda.

    3. @Crawley R Mr. Crawley, I wouldn’t believe a thing CNN said. I have caught them in lies myself.

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