DOJ Under Trump Sat On Tom Barrack Indictment: CNN Report 1

DOJ Under Trump Sat On Tom Barrack Indictment: CNN Report

Rachel Maddow shares reporting from CNN that prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, under Richard Donoghue, were ready to move forward with the indictment of Donald Trump Inaugural Committee chairman Thomas Barrack but were held back.
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    1. @Mo ses None of the crap you have written excuses you for your first post which reads exactly like that from a Russian troll. If you want to explain to me why you are a traitor to your own country go ahead, but your current nonsense deserves only contempt. Being a Russian troll would be a far better excuse for you to use.

    2. @Zeus Zeus The most corrupt, and from day one. They didn’t hang about. The inauguration day fund was the biggest ever with all manner of entities contributing for the favours they expected in return. And the Trumps and their crooked pals put on a very cheap inauguration celebration and then found various ways to divert the money left over into their own pockets rather than giving it to charity as required by both law and convention.

  1. Barrack is also under investigation in Italy for tax evasion and fraud. Trump knows the very best people at tax fraud and unregistered foreign agents.

    1. That is true, and its also true that daca paved the way for this, and its also true that the new york judge paved the way for this after Rockefeller was sued for the attica prison massacre in the 70s

      Since the 70s youve lived in a country where the government can slaughter citizens without a trial and doesnt have to prosecute itself or anyone. At least it took until the 2000’s for the government to give random people who walk in immunity from law

    2. Hope the Italians get him just in case our DOJ is infiltrated by Dumps people.

    3. @Mo ses copy paste, copy paste, copy paste you’re going to give yourself carpal tunnel. Maybe they can fix you up in Russia. No sense, nonsense.

    1. That what America has become! Look at the amount of traitors that are operating in our nation against America.

  2. The positive side that I see in this whole report, is that at least he wasn’t indicted and prosecuted under the trump administration… as he might have received a quick pardon from the orange buffoon.

    1. No doubt there’s more indictments coming for other members of trump’s corrupt administration.

    2. Barrack received $1.5 billion for this treason. If you don’t think Trump was involved think again. There are vast missing sums from the inaugural fund as well. Where did that money come from and where is it? Trump=Caligula.

  3. One good point from this arrest. Barrack was not Indicted under Barr and Trump. Trump cannot Pardon his buddy Tom Barrack.

    1. @Baby Teano haha I know right?there getting all dressed up to go March to Florida to let trump know,barrack is arrested. Woo hoo ,trump is like you idiots lol

    2. Agree. All his cronies must be thinking trump will get another 4 years because trump said he got 74 millions votes, he definitely is going to win. LMAO.

  4. tom barrack : “i’m gonna sue barr… if he had indicted me timely, while trump was president… trump would have pardoned me before i could flip… now i’m alone in jail, with no pardon in sight… all that is barr’s fault… and i’m sure he did that intentionally’ 🙂

  5. I think former prez owed lots of favors. He failed to steal the election and now his “friends” are in deep caca

    1. @james hansen, ok mr lawyer, give us your evidence, just saying stuff is trump thinking, but he’s a loser

    2. @Tony Barden WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, the looser trump or the looser republican garbage laying prostate for him. wtf are you talking about.

  6. Trump would’ve just pardoned Barrack if they had charged him while Trump was still in office

  7. Time the DOJ should restart the indictments of the others that the Trump DOJ did nothing about.

    1. The people who Trump pardon should be put back in jail. Any case that bar touched should be re prosecuted.

    1. @Jacob Craven Good point. I hope they can find new charges for Manafort and Flynn. Both are traitors.

    2. Trump thought that He will win, He named Corrupt DA in position to block any investigation of his friends. That’s one of many reason He wants to be in power and staged an insurrection to cover the trail of corruption and let the status of limitations take over. I’m so glad He failed.

  8. Trump didn’t think to pardon him because no one was throwing it in his face. I’m glad they waited!

    1. I’m pretty sure this is why they waited,sometimes the news thinks they know it all,but they do not

  9. Looking back, you can now see that the “former guy” himself was a foreign agent.
    He and his loyal lackeys definitely conspired with foreign powers to turn America into a “banana republic”.

  10. The most corrupt administration this country has ever seen. And his supporters love it. Amazing.

    1. Haters gonna hate. They are whiny losers who think life owes them more than they have. Ugh!

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