DOJ’s Investigation Into Bolton’s Book Far From A Good Faith Effort To Look For Classified Material

DOJ’s Investigation Into Bolton’s Book Far From A Good Faith Effort To Look For Classified Material 1


The Department of Justice launches a criminal investigation into John Bolton’s book “The Room Where it Happened,” looking into whether the former national security advisor revealed classified information. Aired on 09/15/2020.
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DOJ’s Investigation Into Bolton’s Book Far From A Good Faith Effort To Look For Classified Material

93 Comments on "DOJ’s Investigation Into Bolton’s Book Far From A Good Faith Effort To Look For Classified Material"

  1. Bolton’s book has been revised to ensure not classified information. Thus, the investigation is only to embarrass Bolton thus giving him all the publicity he had wanted. Sometimes, Barr and his sycophants do things that go against their objective. Conclusion: Stupid.

  2. Oooh they served a subpoena huh? I thought we could legally ignore subpoenas now .. 🤔

  3. If they were serious, all they’d have to do is look into any of Jared or Ivankunt’s personal emails and see all of the classified information they are sending Russian, the Saudi’s, China, etc…

    • @Tayla8
      trump didn’t do cognitive test before first term. he lies about his height and wears high heel looking shoes, he is absolutely obese but gets his doctor to lie about it just like the bone spurs.
      And he lies about not being able to show his taxes like every president before him.
      He cannot even prove they are under audit and even if they were the IRS stated: being audited doesn’t mean you can’t show your taxes.
      The IRS does not prohibit anyone from disclosing their taxes to whoever they wish.
      Many people, infact the entire world (save for trumps uninformed, curiosity lacking troglodytes), know and understand where trump has gotten the money to climb out of 6 bankruptcies, the largest bankruptcies ever by an individual. and he *did* take loans from deutsche bank and they *were* backed by russian oligarchs.
      This is all proven and known.
      It’s known a russian company purchased a commercial property for 2 million, sold it to trump for 500k, bought it back from him for 15 million, and did this 9 times in a row with that one property alone. This is the reason why Trump has always considered America a laughing stock because Putin convinced him of it while he did the beauty pageants in Russia, and showed him he could prove it by making Trump “rich” again.
      You know nothing barnacle, grasping at straws, gulping for air like a pathetic little minow in an evaporating puddle, wide eyed, void of thought beyond spasms and reflexes from your unicellular mind.
      You go ahead and wring your hands over some emails from a woman who has no power, the rest of us critical thinkers will wonder how the current sitting president is repaying Vlad “a favor” . . .
      You only reveal the depths of your own ignorance.

    • @Uriah Heep Fox and CNN at this point are for entertainment purposes. Cuomo even said the news isn’t your friend. I like how I come here and all I see is Fox this Fox that. CNN does that same thing that is my point.

    • @Tayla8 Understood. Your point is at the top of your head. They do it to different degrees. One actually reports valuable news. The other is only there for toxic inflammation. YOU still seem rather toxic.

    • @NOMAD So if I go and sell my house to a Russian that means I’m involved in Russian collusion? That sounds pretty discriminatory to me. He’s been asked every question in the book and answered it, and you can google search it. So I’m supposing you’re not battling yourself with whether he’s lying or not which in my opinion seems like a waste of energy you could be using to get rich yourself instead of worrying about someone else’s tax’s that in reality wouldn’t affect you the slightest bit. Obama and Biden were caught unmasking people to try and find “Russian collusion” but they will not get in trouble for that.

    • @Uriah Heep Well you just proved my point of your bias and you are calling me ignorant…

  4. Trump believe he has the power to meddle in the justice department. Trumps rules, Trumps way. Eventually Trump may begin to believe he is entitled to such power and authority.

  5. Trump: “We have nuclear weapons they’ve never knew we had”

    • @Aesthetical Koolaid is not kool on you.

    • @1catmac Anonymous can not claim that word!


    • @Uriah Heep Donald used to party with Epstein back in the day. Trump party with everyone that was popular. We can list half the people in hollywood that hanged out with epstein He banning Esptien from mar-a-lago for hitting on an underage girl. Trump said their friendship fell apart because of it, more proof that there friendship ended if you doubt it was a real estate bidding war with esptein that Trump hated him more for. Bill clinton went to Epstein island over 27 times

    • @Aesthetical He was recorded talking about a new weapons system you mouthbreather!

  6. Guillermo Rosell | September 15, 2020 at 7:37 PM | Reply

    Biden Harris 2020 trump supporters = deaf and blind people is a cult about trump no more November is blue Biden Harris 2020

  7. Maybe DOJ should serve Don the Con with a subpoena since he blabbed to Woodward about some classified weapon the U S has

    • @1catmac I always thought for myself, can you????

    • Unfortunately, it seems as if the POTUS is exempt from prosecution. I hope when he’s gone that Congress carefully reviews the Constitution and clarifies the limits to a president’s power. The U.S. is not a dictatorship, although Trump is trying to make it one.

    • Yeah they should😂😂😂😂 like that phoney impeachment😂😂😂😂 Trump is going to win, the MSM is finished now we have access to the truth

    • Baddaddy Russian bot

    • Of course not! He’ll go after Woodward for printing it! IMPOTUS never does wrong, he is an innocent victim. Poor li’l donny.

  8. John Bolton is obviously a terrible judge of character. Lay with dogs, you’ll get fleas.

    • Yup. Also he should have testified at Trump’s impeachment hearings but instead decided to say what he had to say in his book. He put money over principle in that decision.

  9. Barr is anything but Attorney General and he has a very punchable face.

  10. Come people y’all think bolton is the stupid to publish classified information

    • @1catmac and here you go again Catmac…proclaiming to know the truth….when you know nothing. Put up some evidence of truth or STFU!

    • Yes he is. And MSNBC is stupid to lie about the president of the USA and think they will get away with it unscathed. This outlet will be gone soon

    • Tugis Art Studio | September 16, 2020 at 8:03 PM | Reply

      @Alistair Mackintosh He never slipped about George Bush, why now?

      George W Bush has more secrets than Trump (9/11)

    • Alistair Mackintosh | September 16, 2020 at 8:11 PM | Reply

      @Tugis Art Studio If G W had fired or attacked Bolton, it is likely he would have. Right wing people tend to have an “if you stab my back, i’ll stab yours” ideal of loyalty.

    • 1catmac I am embarrassed for you.

  11. It’s not “Run for your Life”
    It’s “VOTE for your Life” Literally 😐

    • Trump’s going to win. You losers are the minority😁……suckers!!!!!

    • @mysteryman2024👈😁🤣😂 what a goof ball

    • @Baddaddy actually in tbe ik 68% hate trjmp so wenare tbe majority.. sucker 🙂

    • @cyberash3000 No worries. “baddaddy” is a Russian troll, or bot. I have heard that even negative responses earn trolls money so when I read a reply that’s pro Trump I click on the name and if the site has no content then it’s a Russian troll, or bot. Stay well.

    • @mysteryman2024; What exactly do you think you find ‘insane’ with the non-trump perspective. We know for a fact that he is a fraud, and malignant narcissist, and lies constantly. He is extremely divisive and we also know he worked with foreign governments to try to steal the election again. Do you live in some bubble? Are you remotely conscious?

  12. What about the fact that Trump always releases classified material?

  13. The book was vetted before publishing. This is trump deflecting as usual. Public knowledge.

    • @NJG26 Gustav Trump keeps losing, he loves to lose, infact he loves to lose big. Losing 3 casinos and his prized yacht to forclosure sho9ws you Trump loves to lose. He lost by 3 million votes in 2016 and will top that loss in 2020 by 20 million votes. Oh how Trump loves to lose.

    • @david clark not tired of winning yet..he just won today..yet again..and far far more have left the democrats..white.. black and brown Trump 2020

    • @NJG26 Gustav The bird brain in chief who owes Russia so much money he cannot think straight will lose by 20 million votes and cry rigged. Republicans are even paying for ads to get rid of the disease in office.

    • @david clark yea ..just please don’t cry another 4 years

    • @NJG26 Gustav You have to be a bird brain to not see how incompetent the bird brain in chief is. Everytime he opens his mouth he exposes that he does no work.

  14. Rest assured that Bolton, as canny, devious and experienced as he is, would have cleared every single word with equally experienced lawyers. This is a Barr-tRump-DoJ vendetta.

  15. The banana republic is already here, and Putin is laughing

  16. John Bolton would have already had his book cleared for publication, given his access to classified information, to be sure he did not publish anything classified. This is just another pathetic distraction because today ends in Y

  17. We are observing a takeover and we are analyzing it to death! PULL THE FIRE ALARMS, OUR MILITARY SHOULD BE READY, PUTIN IS TAKING OVER!!!

    • That does sound eccentric, but I for one will not argue with you. People will not realize we could loss everything with a snap of a finger.

  18. Why didn’t Billy go after DeJoy? Slowing the mail is a federal crime. Oh that’s right criminals of a feather stick together.

  19. Nothing about his actions are political!
    Its all _personal_
    Trump is a crook.

  20. Trump and his Toadie are ignoring the law. There needs to be a reckoning. They are criminals.

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