Dolla Financial Raises J$1 Billion Through Bond Issue | TVJ Business Day – Oct 5 2022

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  1. I read about a man in his 50s that started investing in Gold and real estate, then retired in 2years with over $4million, that right there is my utmost goal and I’d really appreciate clues and tips on how to reach this goal within 4years.

    1. 1. Limit your spending/cut off retail therapy
      2.Put the extra cash towards investing in high yielding or steady investment.
      3. Get a financial coach to guide through your investing goal. These might look simple but they require good amount of willpower, but through mentorship, I’ve been able to consistently grow my portfolio to $800K and I’m looking forward to retiring at 50 as well and I only wish I started up early. Goodluck

    2. @Josef Kurtz *Laura* *Estelle* *Dealy* is the coach helping me out, and you can book an appointment with her through her website, just look her up online tp get more info about her.

    3. Understand you situation and your goals.investing will make you rich, but very slowly. Its not a get rich quick scheme.

    4. @Karyn Plumm I usually would not take advises online but i curiously looked this Laura up, she seems proficient and well-grounded.

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