1. @Ivan Novotny I know since I live near one. But still. Why don’t they follow their title.

  1. Will have to change their name to “Turdeaurama” to best reflect the reasons behind the price increases!

    1. @AXE CURTIS if you don’t think that governments printing money and spending recklessly if the problem, then you are not living on this planet!

  2. Pretty much got all I need from Dollarama anyways. Haven’t been there in quite a while but thanks for the heads up.

  3. Why shouldn’t they? It costs more for everything and the dollar stores will have to raise prices just like everyone else…hello? They sell food…groc stores didn’t raise prices??? Yes they did so stop attacking them!!!!

    1. Fact check: Are corporate profits at record highs because companies are ‘overcharging?’
      Jan 7, 2022 — It turns out that, after taxes, corporate profits did hit a 70-year high last year, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

  4. Guy wins an Oscar and all he gets asked about is the slap, unfortunately all winners will be over shadowed by the incident.

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