Dominica Celebrates Mountain Chicken Day


student-mountain-chickenIn an effort to sensitize Dominicans on the importance of the mountain chicken, the Forestry and Wildlife Division celebrated the first annual Mountain Chicken Day on Thursday September 12th.

Mr. Machel Sulton, Amphibian Technician in the Forestry Division explained, this day was celebrated with a number of different activities including; acting as field scientists, colouring frogs, and passing on knowledge of the mountain chicken to various students, who visited the Forestry Information Centre at the Botanical Gardens.

The students showed a lot of interest in the information that was disseminated, and carried out tasks the amphibian technicians conduct on a daily basis, like weighing the frogs, measuring and cleaning them.

They also displayed a keen interest in learning new facts about frogs and the mountain chicken specifically.

Mr. Sulton stated, the aim of this day was to ensure all who visit the facility, would leave with a more positive attitude towards the mountain chicken.

They must see it not just as a frog but learn the cultural importance of it to Dominica and its eco system, as it is on the verge of extinction.

A special thank you goes out to the persons who have been working along with the Forestry Division in the conservation of the mountain chicken and those who have donated to the project.


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