Dominica Leader Wants Nationals To Play Their Part In Community Development


pmskirritHon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit wants nationals to take more responsibility for the development of their communities.

The Dominica leader, addressing the official opening of the Morne Rachette Resource Centre last week, said while the current Administration is always willing to assist communities in the implementation of projects, residents should lead the way in the execution of these initiatives.

Hon Skerrit said, “You do not necessarily have to wait on a prime minister or a government to come to do something for you in your community.      Your can join hands and get it going. I find that in this country today there are people who put every responsibility on the shoulders, in many cases, of one person called Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of the country. If our drains are blocked, we expect the Prime Minister to come unblock it or if children do not go to school when they have buses to take them to school free of charge; they blame me for their children not going to school. But we have to take responsibility for our own future and development.”

The Hon. Prime Minister said the construction of the Morne Rachette Resource Centre is an exampleof what can be achieved through community effort with assistance from Government.

“You negotiated for the land on your own, you got the land on your own; you negotiated the plans on your own, you got the plans on your own; you did the estimates on your own; you started raising funds and then you asked for funds [from Government]. It is really a testimony of the vision of the two deceased gentlemen ably assisted by [chairman] and other members of this group and the residents of Morne Rachette.

Government provided $270,000 towards the $320,000 project.

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