Dominica Police reject government’s wage proposal

Dominicans vote for new Government today Monday December 8 2014

The Police Welfare Association (PWA) met with its membership over the weekend to discuss the request from the Roosevelt Skerrit government for a zero per cent increase in pay for the three year period.

PWA chairman Jefferson Drigo said the meeting “categorically rejected government’s offer of a wage freeze.

“It was an excellent meeting, well attended and we are pleased of the outcome. A counter proposal from us to government will soon be on the way for June 13,” Drigo told the Dominica website Dominica News On Line.

He gave no details of the counter proposal but noted “we need a decent and honest increase from government.

“We are hard working and the membership has asked that we do all we can to get this matter settled with good results for them and that’s our aim,” he added.

Prior to the meeting, Drigo had indicated that his executive was not in support of the government proposal.

The Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) has also said it was disappointed at the “tardiness, time wasting and feet dragging” in the salary negotiations.

“We are in May of 2014 and are approaching the end of the triennium, soon we will have negotiations for the next triennium. We are not happy and very disappointed in the feet dragging of the government,” said DPSU general secretary, Thomas Letang.

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