Dominica teachers reject wage freeze proposal

Dominicans vote for new Government today Monday December 8 2014

ROSEAU, Dominica, Friday June 20, 2014, CMC – The Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) has rejected a wage freeze proposal from the Roosevelt Skerrit government as other public sector workers Wednesday were gathering to discuss a zero per cent increase in salaries over the next three years.

DAT president Celia Nicholas said that the membership had discussed the proposal and had since submitted “our thinking on it and they (government) have agreed to review that.

“We heard zero, zero, zero, but the Dominica Association of Teachers, we from our perspective, what we are saying is that we are dealing with a government which speaks about different levels, better levels and higher levels (and) I have never heard of a lower level, so ground zero is not a level for us.

“But as we are saying, we are negotiating, so since there are a number of items…which we have presented for government consideration. That was submitted two days ago and we are expecting government’s response”.

She said the DAT uses the principle of “interest bargaining” given the wide and varied membership.

“Whenever we negotiate, we ensure…that none of our members are given an unfair treatment”.

The general membership of the Public Service Union will meet later on Wednesday to discuss the government’s wage freeze proposal.

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