On a radio program hosted by legal advisor to the Prime Minister, Anthony Astaphan, Government Information Director, Mervyn Paul and Minister for National Security and Labour, Charles Savarin in which Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit participated live by telephone, aired on Kairi FM radio, the Minister of National Security and Labour advocated for the boycott of O.D Brisbane and Sons Ltd. a company that has been in existence for more than fifty years, which employs dozens of Dominicans and which has demonstrated a corporate conscience by making significant charitable contributions to society.
Mr. Savarin’s comments comes against the background of letters written by O.D. Brisbane’s chairman, Jerry Brisbane, to the international donor community expressing concern of the Dominica government’s decision to proceed with the borrowing of $27million to construct a Presidential Palace while the Dominica economy is experiencing a financial crisis.

Whereas the minister reserves the right to condemn Mr. Brisbane for his action, as a government minister and most importantly one who holds the portfolio of national security and labor, the minister has severely compromised his office as a minister of government and must vacant his position of minister with immediate effect.
The minister of labor is responsible for resolving labor disputes and must be impartial in the execution of his duties, he is also responsible for national security. In the event of some industrial action taken against O.D. Brisbane and Sons and the minister is required to intervene, can O.D. Brisbane and Sons expect a fair outcome?
Charles Savarin has crossed the line of moral decency, he has violated the basic principles of the office that he holds and should be declared unfit to serve as a minister of government.
Is the Commonwealth of Dominica entering a new phase of despotic governance? Charles Savarin, who was responsible for the destruction of private property, the burning and stoning of commercial properties of Dominica Labor Party supporters is back.

The radio program hosted by Anthony Astaphan promotes hatred and racism in a country that is already polarized with party political enmity.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit must dissociate himself and the government of Dominica from the statements made by Charles Savarin, the views expressed by Mervyn Paul and Anthony Astaphan and release Charles Savarin from his position as minister of government with immediate effect.
Dominicans must demand decency from their leaders.

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  1. Dominica Freedom Party | November 17, 2010 at 5:01 AM | Reply

    DFP wants minister dismissed
    The minority Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has called on Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to dismiss former DFP leader Charles Savarin from his government.

    The party said in a statement that it was in poor taste for Mr Savarin, as the country’s Labour Minister, to advise citizens to boycott the business enterprise O D Brisbane and Sons.

    The government in Roseau has reacted angrily to letters written by the company’s chairman Jerry Brisbane to the European Commission and the Chinese president.

    In one of these letters Mr Brisbane says he is concerned about what he describes as the mishandling of funds.

    Labour Minister Savarin says Mr Brisbane is trying to disrupt the flow of aid funds into the country.

    He told supporters of the governing Labour Party on the DLP’s weekly radio programme that they and other Dominicans should stop purchasing goods at the company’s store.

  2. Dominica Freedom Party | November 17, 2010 at 1:52 PM | Reply

    Boycott against OD Brisbane and Sons denounced
    Dominica’s Public Service Union (PSU) has denounced a call by the country’s labour minister to boycott a business enterprise whose owner is at odds with the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

    PSU General Secretary Thomas Letang says public officers do not support the boycott call against O.D. Brisbane and Sons.

    Labour Minister Charles Savarin said letters written by the firm’s owner Jerry Brisbane to friendly governments and institutions asking them to withdraw assistance to Dominica are dangerous.

    Savarin’s call for a boycott has been dismissed by PSU’s Thomas Letang as a move that is not in Dominica’s interest.

    The trade union leader said he’s concerned that the move could impact on workers at the company.

    The small Dominica Freedom Party which Savarin once headed has not only rejected the boycott suggestion but also called for the dismissal of the labour minister.

  3. Minister of National Animosity, Demagogry and No Labor
    National Security Minister Savarin has demonstrated his inability to be objective or rational by his callous and irresponsible remarks.
    Many people are clearly outraged by his reckless comments.

    Maybe we should now call him the Minister of National Animosity, Demagogry and No-Labor.

    But seriously, this is yet another example of the extremist political diatribe being exalted on the misinformed citizens of this country and against those who have an opposing point of view on matters that will have a significant long term impact on the country’s fiscal productivity.

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