1. Little tucker told his viewers to confront people who wear masks he told them to report them to child services if their kids are wearing masks

    1. @Jack Tryin also did the rioting and burning of this country last summer not bother you at all? Did billions of dollars in damage, the attacking and burning of federal buildings not bother you then?? What about all the lives lost and the officer killed and left for dead with all the videos to prove it no matter how much you say it didn’t happen or it was mostly peaceful??

    1. If his young child was not there, I would be 💯% fine with it. As it is, I’m 99%. He didn’t touch him, curse at him or get overly animated. I’m with Anna. You dish it, you gotta be able to take it. 🤷

    2. @Agent Snoopy When you deflect to shoot the messenger, your admitting that you can’t defend.

    3. @Gas & Diesel

      17 ! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
      No WONDER !
      ONLY THING is he is on the wrong channel.
      It’s not about left or right it’s ,,,
      CIVILITY and DECENTCY. People.
      Please STOP it.🔺

    4. @midknight The song I song to my little boy for years when he was tiny, to put him to sleep at not. 💜

  2. Defend him from what? A guy calmly telling him he’s awful? Getting his feelings hurt? You know what else gets people’s “feelings hurt”? Having the cops called on you for having a mask on your kid, like tucker told us audience to do.

    1. @blkmacster This is obvious but:
      I was working in medical field and often human life depended on my decision. But despite of my superb education and years of experience I was never ashamed to say ” I don’t know” Have you ever heard hesitation in Fauci or CDC statements? I didn’t.
      Did they ever apologise for prior opposite opinion? NO!
      I use to say: The only thing worst than making mistake is to hide or neglect your mistake.

    2. @Jacek Wierzbicki because the vaccine teaches your body how to right the virus, so the impact is lessened. So the viral load is lower so it’s less likely to spread.so it’s less likely to mutate. Are you fucking stupid? This is grade school level science.

    3. @Jacek Wierzbicki They are working as best as they can, they are not perfect nor do they do things as you or I would do. Again if you can do better, by all means go for it. Treat them like you would want to be treat in these trying times. I stayed in Motel 6.

    4. @Jacek Wierzbicki Thanks for the offer, but it looked like Tucker didn’t need any assistance

    1. @sam wesley May be , they think these on-going media war is to much and calls for truce. BUT, looking at those fox journos and hosts, the crack between left and right will never be solved (i hope not….)

    2. @The Blade They still end up fighting verbally, he will surely reap the benefits of his atrocities. Tucker Carlson is the most dangerous Jailbait for the SANE people of America…
      I don’t know bout y’all,,,,May be, that guy who confronted the Clown was send to earth by Some Jewish Space Lasers..

    3. its almost as if they are upset with us for not following their script! All the for-profit news celebs want to hide behind “just doin my job” as they rake in millions from their global media capitalist handlers & their propaganda machines. The idea of having to internalize some costs for/from their actions, is something they cant deal with. THATS not the capitalist way! We are all supposed to absorb the program, put on The “Learning” Channel and consume! Not be committing such “outrage”like confronting Ol Tuck for his actions out in the world of the REAL, outside of the safety of his gates!

  3. Tucker Carlson asked for it and he deserved it! He got his own dose of medicine. He asked people to confront people wearing masks so he also deserves to be confronted.

  4. I think the confronter is on point, Tucker Carlson puts himself out there in such an extreme way that he needs to understand that these things will happen.

    1. @Jameson Distillers … And even worse than that, I just got finished watching a video where tacky tucker and ignorant Ingram and has been hannity were encouraging their viewers to verbally and physically attack police officers for simply trying to keep people safe during the virus epidemic… I guess at fox news, its ok for rogue officers to shoot unarmed kids every now and then, but not ok for all the good officers to try to save lives…smh

    2. ​@Austin Giguere In a Tucker Carlson segment called “Mask are now just a sign of obedience.” Tucker Carlsons exact words were “YOUR RESPONSE WHEN YOU SEE CHILDREN WEARING MASKS AS THEY PLAY SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENT FROM YOUR RESPONSE TO SEEING SOMEONE BEAT A KID AT WALMART: CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. CONTACT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.” Type in “Tucker Carlson: Kids Wearing Mask is ‘Child Abuse’ ” in youtube search. The segment will come up.

    3. @Cameron Cooper Your clip actually shows TC suggesting people politely and firmly ask them to take off the mask- and he was making the point of how absurd it was when its the other way around. ‘while you were at the klan meeting’ – do you not see the false construct there, and why did you need it? That’s more childish than persuasive.

    4. @Ragnar Lothbrok He didn’t use the word ‘accost’ but he did say you should confront mask-wearers and tell them to take off their masks because they’re making you uncomfortable and that when seeing a kid wearing a mask outdoors you should not react any differently than seeing a child being beaten in Walmart – call the police and child protective services immediately and keep calling until someone arrives. Do you think those on the left should react the same way when they see parents not vaccinating their children against a deadly pandemic? Where do you stand?

  5. Dan Bailey was just trying to make Tucker a better person by pointing out that he’s currently a human wasteland. Best motivational speech ever.

    1. No…he accomplished nothing in confronting Tucker. All he did was virtue signal. Do you really think that doing that is going to make Tucker stop?

    1. EVERY public personality should be left alone, by law. Too many nutcases out there, and we don’t have the right to harass other people just because we don’t like them and don’t agree with them.

    2. Do you deserve to be confronted by conservatives everytime you walk out of your house? Freedom of speech is our first right. It’s not our fault if you can’t handle differing opinions. You sound very emotionally weak when that is your reality.

  6. I don’t think the man who confronted Tucker Carlson was rude at all. He was just giving his opinion. One time I was confronted by a man for loathing Justin Trudeau, Me batting Justin Trudeau that is my own business not any one else’s

    1. A little extreme statement. I don’t agree. But for people like Tucker Carlson who are constantly incendiary bags of garbage…yes, there should be more grace given to their haters. Just like how they let Tucker off his lawsuit claiming “oh, but he isn’t actually news” – despite purporting to be to his dumb viewers. Maybe the judge was dumb or a fan or there was a technicality of which I’m unaware. Carlson is definitely human filth. No doubt about that.

  7. Carlson told his cult to confront people wearing mask. Why shouldn’t he get a taste of his own medicine. That man is a hero, he did absolutely nothing wrong.

    1. @JIMMY HENDERSON – Google Tucker Carlson tells people to call confront children wearing masks and report them to the police.
      You will find the videos. Both of Tucker doing that and then of people aggressively confronting children as they were told to do.

    1. What did he actually say? Could you quote it here and explain his rationale for his comments?

    1. Would you want to be threatened because you were doing your job? Nah Ana, you’re still a harpy.

      Ginger, if you would have said you don’t like Carlson, at least I understand but to imply he (or anyone) deserves to be threatened, in front of his daughter?

    1. How wonderfully naive of you, son, given the behaviour of the left. Violence and thuggery is your stock in trade, along with intimidation, censorship, shut down, deplatforming, personal attacks, false claims. The screeching, spiteful left are intolerable.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 yeah because the right didnt try to violently overthrow the government while beating police officers and then lying about it afterwards or anything. The DHS ranks right wing extremism as the number one domestic threat. Facts. You’re smoking the good stuff aren’t you?

  8. No, No, No, he deserves each and every moment of backlash he gets. He’s culpable and complicit in the campaign of extreme misinformation produced by his Network.
    more people need to gove hom a piece of their minds…….

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