Don Lemon: The Republican outrage machine is working 1

Don Lemon: The Republican outrage machine is working


CNN's Don Lemon reacts to GOP lawmakers' outrage over President Joe Biden's comments after he criticized states such as Texas and Mississippi for lifting Covid-19 restrictions, accusing those in power of "Neanderthal thinking."

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  1. Did Johson lose his job due to the pandemic? Has he had to good to a food bank because he lost his job? Yet he wants to deny help to people who did.

    1. @Edison John except the economy isn’t shut down, it’s opening up, there are vaccines everywhere, and the relief bill is about to inject billions and billions directly into the economy but go off

    2. @Patricia Rowe also lol at people getting angry at Biden for the Neanderthal comment, as if they just woke and weren’t defending a lot worse for the last 4 years

    3. @Edison John your percentages are not fully accurate but you are right in that each of these Covid bills has contained some cushy corporate payouts. Notice that these payouts are the only thing that Congressional Dems and GOP agree on. Most Congressional incompetence has nothing to do with public partisanship. No, it’s due to establishment ghouls and their petty games. The GOP nut jobs have worsened the situation, and you guys need to deal with that pronto, but you and I are likely, on the same page. Stop blaming the shutdown on Dems, the whole world shutdown. The response to the virus should have never involved political ideologies. I’m a progressive, I have been out of work for one year, I’m about to be evicted, and I’m literally starving. If anyone has an excuse to gripe, it is me. I hate wearing masks, most people do, but we do it bc it benefits the greater good. This isn’t a red-blue issue, it never has been, but FOX has to make money somehow.

  2. “They’re hunters, they’re gatherers, they’re protective of their family, they’re resilient, ” …They’re Extinct…

    1. Right lol…. and she left that last part out. Made you think they were still living. Soooo comical
      I wouldn’t doubt if they’re people out there looking for them right now. (Next On National Geographics).

    1. @Matty what are you talking about? You voted for this guy, didn’t you? You trusted him to make these decisions on your behalf. The bill is not a secret. You can request and receive a copy of it to download and then read it aloud all day long if you want.

    2. @Sherry Woods well even though it’s true that God sends idiots along with geniuses, the fact that anybody seriously thinking the Trump is some chosen person ~and I’m laughing out loud just reading these words I’ve just written~is so hysterically effed up because Trump doesn’t even believe in religion or any of it. Don’t they realize that Trump is it religious. Didn’t they see that religious breakfast he was at where he insulted the minister? Trump could never associate himself with anything where he is not the highest person in the room??! Well or the most bigly, lol, yep the most bigly…. BYALOT!!!

    3. @Frenchblue8 no I never spoke directly. But i got all like minded people to call his office the same way. I also have a MAGA Qanon idiot coworker who I’ve convinced I got the senator on speed dial. I bet a steak dinner on the presidency. I did two videos on this one about trump supporters trying to ruin my marriage and one on the illegitimate president bet. Both posted on my channel. The guy that wrote the check always texts me and refers to my buddy who sold put his GQP party. It’s funny. Because he believes all the conspiracy and dema are demons bullshit I let him believe the bullshit that I’m buddies with Cassidy. But I really did call his office a bunch of times. And really did lay down strong arguements.

  3. What Johnson did was abusive. He could not see his abuse. Proof, that’s how he lives.. HE should have been made to read for 10 hours straight.

    1. @CherBear ya. The political class feed us garbage and we sit back and just suck it up. Do you really think we needed a bridge to Canada or a tunnel in california during a time when many Americans are struggling to survive? Ya it was full of garbage.

    2. Its just white people telling us that they are will try to stay in power and their efen privilege.

    3. @Soupy Anderson I will but right now when they tell us, both parties, that we need to get money to the people and then turn around and load it with pet projects, its hypocrisy at its finest. So when the republicans fill a relief bill with more pork than a pig farm, I’ll call them out as well.

    4. Anyone who listens to Don Lemon has already lost the battle on intellect. The man is straight up agenda. Nothing is actual news

    1. When Joe said neanderthal (extinct) thinking they should have adjusted their stand instead, Abbott removes mask mandate while claiming immigrants with covid have been released into the state which if it where the case he should insist on masks till vaccinated. Just looking to blame someone else if things go wrong

    2. @danny witt . Calling people “beta” males makes the accuser seem weak, inadequate, and powerless.

    3. @Robert T Bruh with all due respect it didn’t even phase me. The dude who made up the beta male thing, Jesse Lee Peterson, is a black dude who’s racist against black people. I assume all people who say it are as ignorant and stupid as that guy.

    1. I can see why she thinks so highly of Neanderthals. Everything she described them as, is better than what any current conservative is willing to do.

  4. Actually, I like the term “Neanderthals”,………, but on second guess, “deplorable Neanderthals, “ sounds better

    1. @Raul Armando ~ *Neanderthals are way more advanced than the GOPQ-NAZIS in evolutionary terms. Could you imagine the crap they’d draw on their cave walls? I’d peg all of them as germs. No brains and they make people sick.*

    2. @Mike C Nazi seems to be a popular term for the intellectually weak irregardless of political affiliations. Im not labeling you per se, Im not a fan of “group identity” It robs one of their unique individuality. As a historian ( amateurs of course, it was my minor), I challenge you to seriously review the origins, rhetoric, and the political maneuvering of the Nazi party in the 30’s, then compare and contrast that to the current US political landscape. If your objective and honest, you will see some strikingly similar patterns in the current US politics. Spoiler alert! Its not who you think it is.

    1. I know.It’s like Sniffy Joe pretending to be an expert in politics and pretending to be president.
      I’ll say this about Sniffy Joe though-he’s damn good at pretending to speak coherently.

    1. “How can Neanderthals give a frick about anything when they are all extinct?” There is so much wrong with this question. Not sure if you are a Republican or a Democrat, but this sounds like a question a middle school kid would ask.

    1. @Milan Svatek You don’t get it. Hes being sarcastic about the mr potato head thing. Hes not actually suggesting politicians should protect potato head and interfere with how business is run.

    2. @Mizzle223 They are beginning to ruin it because of their policies! Keystone pipeline for one ~ have you seen the prices at the gas pump? Price per gallon has gone up over $1.20 since Biden shut down that pipeline ~ that is starting to show in the increases of products because distribution companies are now charging more. Biden is also raising corporate taxes ~ which means companies will invest less into their own companies, hire less, pay less and keep their money overseas. Also, Biden wants to restore Obamacare ~ where citizens have to pay into a healthcare system even if they do NOT want insurance coverage ~ how is that a good thing? The Democrats also are OPENING the border to ILLEGAL immigrants which means LESS jobs for American citizens, not to mention taxpayer dollars going to those illegal immigrants for social services worth BILLIONS of dollars a year!

    3. @Random Internet User The electoral college is all that matters and for good reason. Most states are ruby red until you get to the overpopulated violence prone cities ran by dems. You should feel blessed that states don’t have the same voting system or you would lose by a landslide each and every time.

    4. @True Patriot True Patriot Pull your head out of your own bias and look at the world objectively. It might just save your life 😉

  5. This is truly incredible
    Don: “do you get tired of them lying to you?”
    Don is thinking: we’re corrupting the whole system and they’re too stupid to figure it out

  6. Shame you can’t cover the disaster on our border or your discarded Chris Cuomo, if you can’t be good try to be honest

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