Don Lemon: What Trump said on Fox News is stunning

CNN's Don Lemon reacts to President Trump calling special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election "treason" during an interview on Fox News. #CNN #News


    1. @aikens todd Kharey Wise confessed to his friend’s sister on the phone while he was incarcerated. She told the police only because she thought it would help him because he confessed to her that he only held the victim down. So you think he’s innocent? LMAO 🤣 🤣

  1. Only in America writing a negative comment on there President is considered an accomplishment & turn around & get an update on the Kardashians or the Jersey Shore

  2. As long as truth tellers live, the truth lives. They can’t kill us all, but the liers will try. WAR ON!

  3. Exactly he was talking about his behavior! You guys have to read between the lines with this guy#45

  4. Don lemon again with his playing pieces of a conversation! Trump was referring to illegal wire tapes & FASA warrants an all the other massive corruption that was going on dummy!

    1. You have a conspiracy there for sure, but…do you have proof or just a tin foil hat conspiracy? #flat earth #deepstate # bullshit conspiracy

    1. The only crimes from the White house are the ones against our pres.and Hillary,comey,and the rest of the idiots.Believe us were making sure corrupt demon Rats never again get in white house.despite googles election fraud pretty sure we will have a civil war before that happens.were done.

    2. #russiaINSTALLEDTRUMP #2russiaAssistSCJustices installed, #FASCISMofREPUBLICANISM & #FASCISMpartialEVANGELICALISM

  5. Nuclear Disposal Agreement what I’m expecting.
    The wave is coming.
    Beware Donald.

  6. Don, prosecutors don’t exonerate or vendicate, they either charge or not. you know that,why lie

  7. Orange Man Bad. Try to actually become a News Network instead of DNC Propaganda Network. Activists posing as Journalists 🤫

  8. Sack of a black hole bottomless pit.

    Dispose of your burning trash.
    Don’t call the fire department, they are striking with a match.

  9. FNN managed to salvage 2 sound bites from Mueller. Surprised they got that many! And it wasn’t particularly impactful lol 🤣

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