1. Wrong. Trudeau should have brought a consensus figure for a minority government, and Freeland has zero popularity outside of the very narrow east side liberal circle. Trudeau just doesn’t get it, and keeps repeating his common past mistakes.

  2. Anti Canadian. That’s what she is. Politicians don’t openly belittle leaders of other countries when you’re dealing with.

  3. How can promising and liberal be in the same sentence
    Maybe they should switch it with divided and conquered we stand

  4. Chrystia Freeland is living prof that Canada and the Liberal party are helping the mentally challenge find employment.

  5. The difference between my family and Freeland’s family: my family fought the Naz!s and her family was the Naz!s. Her family got kicked out of Poland for war crimes committed by her grandfather during the war. Now she is 2nd in charge of Canada. Her grandfather’s war crimes are documented in the Alberta archives. She wont denounce the Naz!s. I wonder why?

  6. She had no idea how to talk a trade deal with the United States.. So how exactly is she going to bring promise..??? Waste of tax payers money …

  7. A journalist that cries at international conferences. Shes just as pathetic as she was last job

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