Donald Trump and Melania leave the White House

Donald Trump waves a final goodbye to the White House and boards Marine One for the last time as president.

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  1. In the air he open the window and screamed :โ€this election was stolenโ€. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Canadian cousin You misunderstand the process. Judges look at the evidence and decide if thereโ€™s enough evidence to support the claims being made. If thereโ€™s so little evidence that they canโ€™t possibly win, or if the evidence doesnโ€™t support the claim being made, then they dismiss it. That is what happened.
      Despite dozens of cases, many different lawyers, a tip line, and millions of dollars taken from citizens to โ€œfind evidence of fraud,โ€ only one of his lawyers was able to get her enough (or any) evidence to justify the claim. And that ONE actually had nothing at all to do with fraud.

    2. @justythegr822 Surely after 4 years you’re not so ignorant to believe the orange tint isn’t due to a few broadcast corporations intentionally causing it.
      But then maybe you are that ignorant.

    1. Does look nice. Maybe they can double cross cut and roll it and get the stimp meter reading around an 11 for Biden

    1. @Muffie1174 Yeah, I agree, although she looked happy, she also looked like she lost a lot of weight. Especially in her neck and face. I think she went through quite a tough time.

    2. @silvslim I noticed that too. Very thin in the hip area as well. Melanie had some curves but not here. I felt bad for her.

    1. Donnie’s going to jail and she’s about to inherit the trump empire….
      At least, Until it’s seized. Lmfao

    2. @Robyn Vandergrift Yeah, i agree. Actually thinking about it more, I think there is a change in her body. I think she is standing upright more too.

    1. Trump idolized his father and seldom spoke of his mother. He had a picture of his father behind his desk and had to be told to put one there of his mother- true fact!

    2. @Connie Crawford Trump idolized his mother. This is widely reported, and on tape. Get your facts straight. He even spoke proudly about his mother to the queen.

    1. They’ll have less money with all the business their business lost and will continue to lose because of his crazy presidency. Banks have cut off credit and their are mounting legal bills. That’s the least of their concerns because jail time is a distinct possibility.

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