1. Seriously laws must be put in place to make senators and congressional members to be held at higher accounts than every day Americans! This would mean penalties should be heavier and harder when found guilty for crimes

    1. @Jan Edwards Many media companies have changed their products. I like independent reporting in which controversial arguments from different parties are juxtaposed at many interviews.
      However, most “news agencies” are now presenting the show “washerwomen at the village fountain tear their mouths at those who have been excommunicated”.
      Let’s see how sustainable this is …

  2. _”I hardly knew him. In fact, some people would say that I didn’t know him at all. I’m the best at not knowing people that’re in trouble. Believe me!”_

    1. NFL Player Phillip Adams just murdered 5 people including children but nothing from CNN. not the Marxist Leftist agenda

  3. “I dont know Matt Gaetz, in fact I dont like him, he got caught, I like people who got a way”
    Donald Trump

    1. @Beaukneaus 🤣🤣 God that was stupid! If you run everything then why did you spend the last 4 years crying your eyes out? I think the only thing you run is your mouth!

  4. Trumps speech had such irony saying “They are criminals they are rapists but some are certainly good people”
    My has the cat spit out a hair ball named Matt geatz

  5. CHUMP’s response is basically, “Matt who? Oh…that guy! I think he brought us coffee a couple of times…don’t really know him. He said he’s innocent…I don’t see a reason not to believe him.”

    1. @Richard Blumenidiot You’re so fucking desperate to come up with anything that will make liberals or liberal media look bad you’re completely ignoring the fact that liberals know liberals aren’t perfect while pretending “republicans” (now populists apparently) are perfect.

    2. @Anaru Philp Coming from those that support Biden et al – putting forth the communist takeover of our country!

    1. @TRGB That statement doesn’t affect me. Getting your news from 1 source is insane. Thats what Republicans do. I’m not a republican. I hunt for facts not headlines. Fall in line with the other sheep.

    2. @A k I never said I support Fox or get my news from 1 source. You’re putting that on me so you can feel like you have a better argument. I’m not a republican either. I’m just pointing out the obvious that CNN and MSNBC are equally implicit in tribalism. If you think that makes me a sheep, you are following your own clan of lemmings to the edge. Run little guy!

    3. @A k No, don’t “think” that, I know it! How could anyone look at the video with them pulling suitcases out with ballots and not think it! I guess if you are on the left you have no morals or conscience so it’s easy to go along with the communist takeover!

    4. Then stop talking about him, the man left office 4 months ago , he lives in your heads rent free.

  6. This “man” is the new age Joseph Macarthy only difference being is that he actually embraces Russia.

  7. Trump essentially said, “Well, he denies it.” Let’s remember that he said the same about Vladimir Putin.

    1. @t reznicek what did trump lie about? Should be easy to point to something if your claiming everything he said was a lie.

    2. I AM THE ONE WHO COMMENTS!!! How about how Hilary Clinton deleted all of her emails right before they investigated her laptop? What about bill clinton flying to a private child sex island, oh and how about when our president was in office they came up with blatant LIES about Russia interfering with the election. Oh and how about how cnn attacked the president for YEARS. Their ceo literally admitted to putting out bs story’s just because he didn’t like him. Oh and how about the president literally being BANNED on social media, I get that they are “private companies” but they are the 21st century’s version of the press, so they can’t just censor him.

    1. @WBB Clips What about the hate crimes on Asians? Once people found out it was blacks attacking asians not whites all of a sudden no one cares about the Asian victims no more!!! U people on the left are truly evil people.

    2. @kyle alexander You’re pumping out all the fake narratives of the GOP. What’s that got to do with whether or not creepy Gaetz should be charged with a crime?

    3. @WBB Clips lol we were talking about matt gaetz until u brought up trump making false statements. So I layed out some facts. You call them gop talking points but I noticed you cant point to one thing I said that wasn’t true?

    1. @Peoplelie Freethemen Don’t forget to kiss your boyfriend.
      Power of Christ compels you
      All hail Satan!

    2. @Michael Hernandez
      The Alt Reich and their unhealthy obsession with Hunter Biden.lol
      Ya’ll have hard one for Hunter, it’s hilarious!😂

    3. @Jonathan Mol BEND OVER



      TO SMILE 😉😄😀😃😀😄😃😉😀😄😃😉😀😄😃😉😀😄😃😉😀😄



  8. Donald “ Matt what the hell do you need now?” Matt “ I don’t need anything Mr President….”

  9. So Gaetz’s butt kissing didn’t get him protection because Dumpster has no more use for him or did he not do enough? You decide.

    1. wait – you’re getting ahead of yourself. Right now, Trump is saying that Gaetz never PERSONALLY asked him for a pardon.
      When Gaetz actually gets charged is when Trump will change his statement to “I don’t know the guy. Never met him.”
      They’re all slimeballs: Trump, Gaetz, Manafort, Flynn, Gates, Stone, Cohen, Bannon, etc.
      Trump: “I choose only the best people”
      In about a year from now, they will all have something in common: All Convicted Felons.

  10. Aight, before you watch the video, are we at “he’s a great guy” or are we at “I’ve never met/don’t know/don’t talk to him”? Taking all bets, taking all bets!

  11. “I don’t know him.”
    “Mr. President, we have dozens of phone call recordings of you two.”
    “I have phone calls with lots of people.”

    Wait for it. It’s going to happen.

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