Donald Trump Echoes Previous Unfulfilled Promises On Gun Reform | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump Echoes Previous Unfulfilled Promises On Gun Reform | Deadline | MSNBC 1


The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, former US Attorney Joyce Vance, “Politics Nation” host Rev. Al Sharpton, Voto Latino’s Teresa Kumar, and Bloomberg Opinion executive editor Tim O’Brien on the president’s revived attempts to discuss gun reform following days of outcry against his rhetoric before and after two mass shootings
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Donald Trump Echoes Previous Unfulfilled Promises On Gun Reform | Deadline | MSNBC

67 Comments on "Donald Trump Echoes Previous Unfulfilled Promises On Gun Reform | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. At this point the only reason any human in America would support Trump is they live in a world of WILLFUL IGNORANCE. Even watching FOX is no excuse. All the really heinous stuff Trump has done is on tape. You can see it with your own eyes.

    • @Aaron E Get lost anti-American. No one’s cares what you think.

    • well said

    • I don’t think so

    • s barron You’re all missing Trumps secret vote . Trumps secret vote you probably passed about 20 of them today . Trumps secret vote is old ladies ! Why ? I’ll tell you why – During the Obama era and the financial crisis people got raided and dragged out of their homes , because they couldn’t afford their mortgage. Who was standing their watching in horror as entire streets got wiped out ? Old ladies thanking god they owned their home . Trumps secret vote old ladies are sitting knitting watching a cooking show at the moment saying to her husband “ remember that lovely couple that used to live next door ?” She tells her old husband to vote for trump whom tells his son or daughters to vote for Trump until the millennial gap. This old lady doesn’t know about stocks or who caused the financial crisis all she knows is she is still in her home . And when voting time comes she’s gonna stand up with her walking stick with her old husband in toe and vote trump, this is Trumps secret vote .

  2. “I promise to wipe out all the mole people and stomp out every carnivorous ladybug….or my name isn’t Donny weasel trump”!!!!

  3. *The whole world is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail.*
    *The whole world is laughing at his mentally defective MAGAtrash fans, too.*

  4. Trump is running the U.S. Government like a RUSSIAN COMMUNIST.

  5. Only 90% believe bare minimum legislation is a good idea? Oh that’s right, there are some wingnuts out there believe arming toddlers is a good move.

  6. If you need 30+ rounds to hit a target, you need a new hobby. I rock a wwii vintage bolt action Soviet mosin-nagant, i feel VERY safe.

    • But, you sound sane. Like a citizen using self-defense in the simplest terms. You do not need 30+ rounds to get on target. The people buying those things are not thinking self-defense. ✌

    • To have a gun in my house would never make me feel safe

  7. mental health check simply means donny can’t have a gun

  8. roguemale TheOne&Only | August 9, 2019 at 7:46 PM | Reply

    US gun massacres are the same as shampoo-wash,rinse and repeat.
    Background checks are only a half measure-mental illness doesn’t discriminate-it can strike anyone, anytime.
    Hate is a bit more choosy-disenchanted and disenfranchised people; basically Trump’s support base.
    Adopt australian and new zealand’s bans on military and semi-automatic weapons.

  9. For almost 3 years, everything has gone from okay to just outright chaotic… And for what???

    • Because he Devil himself is in the White House


    • @LordZo Bey So where are your facts to back up your comment? If you believe in the existence of a devil it must mean you are a Christian.

    • Because of the Democratic Party, that’s why.

    • 3 years ? You just beam down from Mars ? Black out of wedlock birth rate = 75%. This madness goes on every day in Detroit……Baltimore….St Louis…..No Dads in home. Chaos & Mayhem. All quite predictable. But you keep voting Democrat. It’s bound to get better any century now.

  10. Thank you Tim O’Brien for painting a perfect picture of the Grifter In Chief’s narcissistic mindset. Spot on. I appreciate the no nonsense analysis!

  11. Walmart is taking violent video games out of it stores but are still selling guns … 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Good, let them lose thier stake in the multi billion dollar GLOBAL industry of gaming. AR-15s are probably barely a multi million dollar market with exactly zero international growth potential. Not that it takes a genius to work out that video games arent the cause of these US mass killings (cause the experts have already disproven that)

  12. It’s one way for Chump to get more donations from the NRA!

  13. “unfulfilled promises” should be his middle name.

  14. The NRA does not pay taxes. They do not pay taxes. The RICH do not pay taxes. Churches do not pay taxes. Corporations pay little or NONE. The people pay taxes. They are the immigrants and the citizens. In order to keep people paying taxes they need to be alive because dead people don’t.

  15. Still waiting for him to do something after Parkland…😄😆😅😂

  16. Cecil Treadwell | August 9, 2019 at 8:21 PM | Reply

    Trump is a Loyalty Don.
    An engineer of fear. ( FEARgineer)
    Loyalty through fear.

    • Cecil Treadwell oh dear… what? Really? Never mind Clinton body count – never mind the fact that the Epstein or NXIUM trials would not be happening if not for TRUMP- 10-fold increase re. Human trafficking arrests – hm – possibility of peace on Korean Peninsula – hm – criminal justice reform benefiting mainly black people unfairly treated/incarcerated by our ‘justice’ system – hm – lowest black and Hispanic unemployment – ever – hm….. – Ben Carson tackling deplorable inner city housing and economic conditions with TRUMP…hm … pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan – TRY FACTS – join us!

    • Cecil Treadwell | August 10, 2019 at 2:36 AM | Reply

      @FanofJesus Trumputin! Trumputin!
      You’re darned tootin!
      We’ve got TRUMPUTIN!

    • Cecil Treadwell oh no! Are you okay?

    • Cecil Treadwell | August 10, 2019 at 3:06 AM | Reply

      @FanofJesus Much better than Chump Trump. I don’t have the law after me like he does!

    • Cecil Treadwell oh no! You’re not willing to THINK- that’s a problem for you

  17. If the Democrats get in. They should be making laws that takes away some of the power of The president. No man should have that much power its dangerous and they see now

    • Republicans passed laws to give the president more power.

    • Glad you’re thinking about the constitution! It’s a great document – something to understand/really learn about

    • @Gilbert Witherspoon
      They are not referring to fake out corporate Democrats. They are talking about progressives.

    • Absolutely – I have also been calling for this for years. There has to be valid oversight and laws have to be applicable to all including presidents. Without these essential elements of healthy democracy America will be sinking lower and lower into autocracy.

  18. Fillinyourname | August 9, 2019 at 9:33 PM | Reply

    You didn’t carry out any intelligent background check on trump

  19. Michael Schwartz | August 9, 2019 at 9:51 PM | Reply

    GET THE SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS. He’s not hiding bad grades, he’s hiding a disciplinary record rife with violence

    • Cecil Treadwell | August 10, 2019 at 2:40 AM | Reply

      He was a GLUE SNIFFER from the age of 9.
      This practice continued while he went to military academy for 5 years.

    • If this bloated excuse for a human life wasn’t a bully… I’ll be damned. My father was enough like this bucket of guts to see the bully in him. Both his sons are scared to death of him. Moscow Mitch is not going to allow a visit, much less a discussion, of gun control on the floor of the Senate.

    • Along with bad grades and the fact that his dad paid for his admission. There is no way Trump got into any private school without his dad paying off the admissions officers. They are just as corrupt as Trump and his family.

  20. Grand Wizard Trump need to go.

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