1. @Ke Mo _the similarity between communism and capitalism is , both the bottom and the top feed from the middle._
      The only arguably reasonable statement you posted here. The rest is pure horseschitt
      Moby Trump 2020
      All Hail The Orange Whale

    2. @raindr0p Moby Trump 2020
      All hail The Orange Whale
      But please clean the orange stain
      Off your blue dress

    3. President Trump made a big move to help children in foster care by signing an executive order that aims to strengthen America’s child welfare system in three key areas:
      1. Improving Partnerships: This order will encourage robust partnerships between state agencies and public, private, faith-based, and community organizations.
      2. Improving Resources: This order will improve access to adequate resources for foster and adoptive parents.
      3. Improving Oversight: This order will improve federal oversight of key statutory requirements.
      Trump 2020

    1. ♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊ Trumptards have to constantly repeat their narratives in order to keep themselves brainwashed.

    1. @Jose Martinez tRump thinks all Mexican’s are rapists…how stooopid do you have to be to defend him?

      Oh, don’t forget to go get mexico to pay for that wall.

  1. No one wants to work with a narcissistic sociopath. I know I wouldn’t. I’d fire myself if he was my boss.

    1. @Drunken Joe Typical Trump supporter…not wanting others to have a different opinion. Do all of y’all hate the Consitution or is it just you? Lol

    2. @TheRadioman1947 WHITE We get it. Obama is black and could read. No wonder you’re mad. Elected a rich white man who can’t read. Murica. Why don’t climate science deniers care about their own children? Weird

  2. I’ve noticed this for the last 3 years how does trump keep putting people that are supposed to do the job he wants, but failures at then at the day ??? It starts at the top as trump’s says. Sooo Trump should be fired right!?

    1. artie lusk “Donald Trump is not a politician” True. He’s also not good at anything else either.

    2. Vaughn Besley they are trying to take out the Traitors from last couple of administrations that nearly destroyed the country. Trump was put in as president because he was the only one that couldn’t be bought…..DO SOME REASERCH

    3. Mitchell Deliman you idiot…those dead people and animals all vote Democrat every year.._they are needed😂😂😂

    1. @King of America 🤔are those tax payer funded like the police, who are the most egregious abusers of the nanny state??

    2. @Fitawrari Fitness
      The NBA partially are, mostly from state governments building courts for them.

  3. Hiring problem? You don’t say. Next you’re gonna tell us he cheated on all his wives and went bankrupt 6 times.

    1. Ahhh he has three wives, 9 bankruptcies , casinos crashed and burn, university also crashed and burned, and other businesses also crashed and burned and many more.

    1. @Mueller Time The man who pled guilty? That Michael Flynn? Fired by two presidents…if Trump is considered a president.

    2. @Domepeace_ltd productions
      Yeah, that was a dumb thing Biden said and apologized for.
      Now…let’s see how many dumb, asinine things tRump has said.

      …then again, that would take hours…try Google.

  4. trump : “i only hire inept people… i’m such a genius… plus, i didn’t hire myself.. so… i’m definitely not the moron here”

  5. There has been a parade of over rated generals, mentally unqualified, dumb as rock senior officials being fired from this administration.
    It’s time to fire the bozo who keeps hiring these horrible people.

    1. It seems more a personality disorder. I would advise to do some psychiatric tests before allowing being candidate for president.

    2. @Guido D.G. I agree, it’s not exactly what my comment says (I was paraphrasing, because it’s not just hiring he’s terrible at). To me, we suffer from his Narcissistic Personality Disorder (he doesn’t suffer from it at all, until things catch up with him, that is…)

    1. @lch jr __Lots people on here talking about what they don’t know!!. He’s 74 still A Billionaire, gets no president salary, far from the poor house , still got assets he doing something right all these years!!.

    1. She is working for him, as an evil example of the Democrat cabal…she steers those that love their country right to Trump.

    1. SAINT 65 😂😂😂He knows how to expose the corrupt! I can’t wait till OBAMAGATE comes out.

  6. The turn over couldn’t be because those terminated were not brown-nosing “yes” men, could it?

    1. Most of the sheeple that follows cnn will NEVER COMPREHEND what you just said. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Watch the video: “Unfiltered: ‘The left practices tolerance in the most superficial ways’ ” (by Yahoo Channel) #WalkAway

    2. @foxy brown Watched the video. Cliffnotes: some liberals were mean to this liberal dude and were dismissive, so all liberals are bad, and that automatically makes conservatives good. I hate to break it to ya, but shitty people exist everywhere. As do good people. Both of these groups have literally tens of millions of people in this country, so the idea that one group is good and the other is bad is fucking stupid.

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