1. Hi. Chris here– Donald Trump’s gearing up to start his 2020 campaign. Who do you think is his biggest competition?

    1. Just to think if trump hadnt become president he may (and his family), may have never been discovered of all his fraud, money laundering, scams, tax evasion, corruption etc.
      Now once back to trying to be a citizen he’ll be off to courts, with his family to be starting their jail sentences.

    2. chasingstatuszx10R, Yes stupid. We will still be Florida. The greatest state in the U.S. with 29 electoral votes that Trump Will Win again in 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏄🏄🏄👈🏻

    1. I agree definitely better than obama, obama was only elected cause everyone wanted “the first black president”

    1. so because hes not afraid to point out hypocrisy, he says what’s on his mind, that makes him whining? gotta love MSM

    1. @Mikayla Bansie
      Right? He thrives off attention…they love giving him what he wants…no morals just profit driven and sensationalism sells

  2. and CNN Has Never Stopped Lying – 4000 Fake Stories About Russian Collusion … Who Watches Those Partisan Liars ????

    1. Ray Cyst, FLORIDA IS MAGA COUNTRY, Pennsylvania is MAGA country, Wisconsin is MAGA country, Michigan is MAGA country, NC and SC are MAGA country. California and NY are sh*thole states

  3. Please type your email down today so I can email you in November 2020 to remind you and PROVE you that Trump will win in 2020… but hey, by far. I WAS A DEMOCRAT who figured out the lies of the democrats’ friends.. the FAKE NEWS. Do your own research and you will be surprised. MAGA. Hispanics for Trump.

  4. The point is #TRUMP succeeded and became the President of the USA and will win again in the upcoming presidential election. So quit crying or move out of the USA…lol

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