Donald Trump Interview: Hannity 9/13/16

Donald Trump Interview: Hannity 9/13/16 1


Donald Trump Interview: Hannity 9/13/16

Sean Hannity interviews Donald Trump.

Fox News – Hannity – Donald Trump Interview – 9/13/16

4 Comments on "Donald Trump Interview: Hannity 9/13/16"

  1. Let’s go Ivanka. Keep up the good work and for being on our team.

  2. Angelena Crowell | September 14, 2016 at 10:25 PM | Reply

    Ivanka Our 1st Woman President <3 Love Her Values and Grace!

  3. We have child rebate here.. I thought USA was in front of us but rather are
    behind.. I have been following all this and your election and I pray your
    country looks back to God so you don’t get His judgment.. So much has
    changed since Obama entered Office.. You all need a good leader and a
    person who loves the American people.. Not call them deplorables.. Big

  4. huu look likespencer also likes to suck a chode hahahaha

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