1. Yeah I really wish Biden crime syndicate would be more transparent. Wonder how much Hunters paintings are going for these days?

    2. @Liberty over everything :Crime syndicate? If you have proof of them committing crimes you should share it. People overpaying for so-called art is not a crime, it happens all of the time.

    3. @Liberty over everything : Please tell me, what exactly am I lying to myself about? I’d can’t wait to hear this one.

    1. Uh, if you knew anything about what the committee was doing, you’d understand why it isn’t suspicious. Alas, the headlines make you think one way and thus you’re never going to see it the other.

    2. @WindTheBrave yes he’s just another useful idiot. Voting against their own interests because big daddy govt told them too. These are the same people who voted for a 30+ year politician because they “wanted change” so we can’t expect much from them

  1. My son if sinners entice you do not consent. If they say come with us let us lay wait for blood. My son do not walk in the way with them for their feet run to evil.PROVERBS1vs10-15][

  2. omans 8:28; And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.🙏Amen!🙏

    1. That assumes two things:

      1-They actually read the bible.

      2-They care what it says beyond their interpretations and personal interests.

  3. OK USA TODAY….if you’re going to use a video format, get a live body to do the news story for you. This print on screen is like 4th grade reading training. How do you know how long I need to read the text before you replace it with new text…. If this is the best you can do with this awsome platform, then you should go back to the print world and stay in it. This is not the place for you. You are in over your head here.

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