Donald Trump May Keep Best Parts of Obamacare 11/11/16

Donald Trump May Keep Best Parts of Obamacare 11/11/16 1


Donald Trump May Keep Best Parts of Obamacare 11/11/16

President Donald Trump may keep the best parts of Obamacare that everyone likes which include not denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents healthcare plan.

President Donald Trump News – November 11, 2016

15 Comments on "Donald Trump May Keep Best Parts of Obamacare 11/11/16"

  1. Again….cnn…..Wolf needs to retire his ballot slippers…..and move on,
    to allow more young people to become employed.

  2. All of this back-paddling is nauseating…..get over the taste of crow, and
    start being a HONEST NETWORK!!!!

  3. no part of OBAMACARE is good

  4. let’s stop this race bating don’t keep reporting on it and instead report
    positive things on trump it is disgusting to see please all major news stop
    this !! clinton also used hate speech and corrupt tactics to push her
    campaign through talk about this …

    Disabled PEOPLE. BABIES BORN WITH DISABILITY. will be euthanized. at the
    age of 65 as well. i will be calling him. He better not work with that
    damned Evil Devil. nobama will have Trump eating out of his hands. His
    contract he better hold up to it.

  6. Media would keep to the real issues that would help I don’t see thar

  7. thomas harding | November 12, 2016 at 3:33 PM | Reply

    Get over it people

  8. if voters didnt have the proper ID then Winsconsin had every right too stop
    them voting, no proper id is very suspicious, many of these voters are
    fakes, and this crooked democrat is complaining!!!!!!! geez

  9. Barbara Mitchell | November 12, 2016 at 3:46 PM | Reply

    stupid f*** I don’t have any kind of insurance they say I don’t f******
    qualify get rid of Obamacare

  10. Surprise, surprise… Trump is actually doing as we (Trump voters) expected
    of him!
    I don’t know a single Trump supporter that cares whatsoever about the
    details of his campaign promises. What we voted for was the substance of
    his promises which we all recognize are polar opposites of the direction
    the liberal democrats what America to go. What we have witnessed over the
    past few days is a frightened population, almost
    entirely made up of the youngest of our society who have been taught by the
    liberal media, the liberal influencing education system, and those highly
    educated, shamefully inept members of our society that know so damn much
    that just isn’t so.

  11. Trump never pushed bigotry and hate. Obama and Hillary did. Obama has the
    responsibility to cool down the people.

  12. No more politically correct agenda …call a spade a spade

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