Donald Trump Meets with Paul Ryan and GOP Leaders 11/10/16

Donald Trump Meets with Paul Ryan and GOP Leaders 11/10/16 1


Donald Trump Meets with Paul Ryan and GOP Leaders 11/10/16

President Donald Trump meets with House Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders in Washington DC.

President Donald Trump News – November 10, 2016

18 Comments on "Donald Trump Meets with Paul Ryan and GOP Leaders 11/10/16"

  1. DORK OUT you are a dork… IF he gets killed ITS YOUR FAULTS AND EVERYONE

    Have you ever looked up the history of the word MEDIA?
    Have you ever ?
    OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!! You dim minded people are the enemy

  3. Ralphie Sunset | November 10, 2016 at 6:04 PM | Reply

    Now stop the B/S SOROS influenced WARS.
    Stop using young Americans to be SLAUGHTERED for Soros greedy agendas .

  4. Who cares what Dana has to say, why are we listening to you? We want to see
    and hear the title of this video.

  5. goodbye

  6. I was blind to all this and now I see so thank you GOD and thank you for
    giving us Donald Trump.

  7. Trump may be thinking…Can I buy this damn thing end of 8 years ….

  8. Brooke you must be so sad that your girl did not win !.

  9. Get rid of Ryan. He’s a backstabber.

  10. OMG! that’s right CNN suck some trump balls

  11. Funny how much the liberal rhetoric changes when the GOP takes the house,
    the senate, the WH, and the majority of governorships.

    They go into full blown “please don’t arrest me” mode

  12. Here are other two idiots (I am being nice), Brooke and Dana who should
    have been fired long time ago. They are third rate reporters who are so
    much in the bag of Hillary that they would lick her shoes to prove their

  13. That is a LOT of secret service.

  14. Felipe Herrera salinas | November 10, 2016 at 8:57 PM | Reply

    The Donald meets rat Ryan. Priceless face by the rat.

  15. Michael Considine | November 10, 2016 at 9:15 PM | Reply

    Trump does not look happy with Ryan at all. Ryan looks very nervous. Ryan
    leaked the sex tape, he is a traitor and will not last. Trump does not need
    him, nor will anyone miss him.

  16. Trump is getting rid of Paul Ryan big time

  17. Is that a spray on tan???

  18. The Clinton News Network strikes again.

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