Donald Trump, Mike Pence give dueling speeches in DC | USA TODAY

Speeches in Washington, D.C. by the former president and vice president raise speculation about the 2016 running mates' plans for 2024.

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Former President Donald Trump returned to the nation's capital Tuesday and gave a policy speech to an organization developing an agenda for what he called "the next Republican president" – someone that many audience members clearly want to be Trump himself.

Speaking to the America First Policy Institute – created, financed, and led by Trump supporters and former administration officials – Trump talked mostly about anti-crime proposals, but also found time to echo false claims about his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

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    1. Our country is strong and knows how to be patient and deal with the things Biden has done, but by far we can’t wait any longer for trump

  1. It is so wonderful to see them together again!!!! After all the bad information the bad media said about them.

  2. Lets be honest, Pence doesn’t have a chance in hell of being elected let alone winning the nomination.

    1. @Phoenix I’m sorry friend, you must be confused. Let me clear that up for you. Trump 2024 as President DeSantis as VP. Then 8 years of DeSantis. First we need to get through November.

  3. Twist, twist, twist the news away…

    Adhere to the “narrative”… use of “adjectives” to push a false perspective…

    1. @AndrewDeLong my feelings are just fine. I see having an intellectual debate is beyond you. Btw, what’s your pronoun? I don’t want to misgender you in case you want to have a baby. Vote for Pence if you want to. See where your last vote got you.

    2. @Leonard Longoria Have you seen the footage, testimony, and texts that have come out recently. What Pence did was stay loyal to America. The VP cannot overturn an election, and VP’s always attend the inauguration of the next president.

  4. Micah 7:8- Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy. Though I fall I will rise; . . .

    Proverbs 24:16- For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked stumble in time of calamity.

    Job 5:19- “From six troubles He will deliver you, Even in seven evil will not touch you.

    Psalm 37:24- When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, Because the Lord is the One who holds his hand.

    Genesis 50:20- “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good . . .

    Romans 8:28- And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

  5. Your highlights are politically highlighted to an agenda. You definitely show how motivated you are and I’m offended by this!

  6. His claims aren’t flase. If you have tonchange ligitagtion to get your way then it is false still.

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