Donald Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell charges: ‘I just wish her well’


  1. Sure he wishes her well, she probably got him young girl’s too.
    No surprise here, just more clarification about what a horrible person tRump really is , wishing this disgusting woman well. Is Shameful.

    1. I think the concern is that he’s trying to silence her, sending a signal that he’ll pardon her if she doesn’t tell what she knows. Same as Roger Stone. He’s going to lose the presidency so he’s, now, scrambling to do whatever he can do, public be damned, to avoid life sentences.

  2. Trump is trying to distance himself from having anything to do with her upcoming “suicide”. “Me? No, I actually wished her well.”

    1. Thank you for saying what I was thinking! I wish her well. UPS not FedEx bunch of killers

  3. its obvious, the mega rich have an tight social circle and no moral standards. Trump probably knew that sex trafficking was going on since 2009, HE HAS TO FEIGN IGNORANCE BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID THAT THE FBI INVESTIGATION WILL SPILL OVER TO HIS DEALINGS.

  4. Maxwell states that her net worth is less than one-half million dollars, which is realistic. Despite being left with only a modest trust fund, Maxwell was able to amass $20 million in cash, likely by _borrowing_ from within her circle of wealthy friends and acquaintances. She was the _controller_ and Epstein her unwitting dupe that she held under her spell in a subtle game of extortion in which _she,_ but not Epstein, derived financial advantage. Lenders relented in their demand for immediate repayment upon being led into her office decorated with photos that might prove especially embarrassing and readily acquiesced to her suggestion that _she_ be permitted to renew the loan for as long as she desired and for _her_ to decide when it should finally be repaid.

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