Donald Trump 'Owns' The Modern GOP Says Former Congresswoman | MSNBC 1

Donald Trump ‘Owns’ The Modern GOP Says Former Congresswoman | MSNBC


Former Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) reacts to the latest efforts by the Republican party to keep up the Big Lie and argues that the current GOP is one Democrats will have to “live with, contend with, deal with” for years to come

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  1. Can we have a national
    No trump day….one day where he isn’t in the news at all….that would bother him more than anything else…..

    1. @robert toothman as in “you heard what I said” but go ahead and be as obtuse as your leader

    2. @Jim Johnson A pathetic insult, from a simple mind. This is why Trump has been able to created such division in our society, this simpleton is a perfect example.

      – just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of the people are more stupid than that– George Carlin

    1. @Not a Simp If they get in legally, they have certain rights and protections that keep the elites from enslaving them. Being undocumented means you can disappear without anyone else knowing you were here to begin with.

    2. @Richie Tattersall Lies, spawned from the misinformation snowball of the Dem/media plantation propaganda, just to reinforce the lie you hold to be true. Dems like to play the identity politics and stoke division, and they still do it. Perpetuate the victimhood and get the votes to “fix” the problems only to retain power and not keep promises. Two switched, Thurmond and Watson. Thurmond became a civil rights advocate as a Republican, and Republicans didn’t care for Watson. The racists voted for the racists, regardless of the party. Other Dixiecrats became independent, like Byrd, and the votes for the segregationist Wallace prove that. Don’t apply the racism to the Republicans. Other factors than racist sentiment decided votes. Goldwater won the Deep South, but lost to LBJ, but read LBJs comments about the black vote. Goldwater was a member of the NAACP and voted for civil rights in 1957. He reluctantly voted against it in 64, due to federal overreach concerns. The Dems want big gov and power and will masquerade as the liberators just as much as they have to. Malcom X points that out. Just look at Biden’s 1994 crime bill stance, and how that played out. Dems went from openly racist to covert racist.

    3. @eltorocal You might have realized that I was being sarcastic if you’d noticed the long nose on the emoji. You see there was this character in a story called pinocchio, and… never mind.

    4. The Republican party used to be the “Moral Majority” . They tried to cancel video games, and records with explicit language (Notice the Explisic Language Warnings on Music). Donald Trump gave that same group permission to actually speak their racist minds again. That is the only reason he got elected and has so many followers.

    5. @Mimzy Jinx so stop buying food that was picked and processed by migrant farmers, and you will starve. Just saying

  2. “t’rump owns the modern day GQP.”
    Me: Well, I guess that explains why he’s running it straight into the ground then.

    1. @Move on Over Right, what’s the big deal about giving your address on an internet open forum? God you people are so stupid.

    2. @Viva La Raza! we were having a conversation and he was telling me where he lived hardly anything was open so I asked where does he live but you was a typical Democrat you have to butt into a conversation that has nothing to do with you SO2 you f*** off

    1. Yeah, they’re still looking for bamboo..
      Meanwhile most Chinese mills use poplar to make paper.

    2. Try being a Democrat fighting racism and calling Tim Scott an oreo. Now that’s shameless.

    3. @Free American So you open this fake YT account today just to post spam. You’re just confirming the low IQ Trumper stereotype.

    1. Lets don’t forget; “it’s over…make it stop. snivel snivel” -Lindsey Graham 1/6/21

  3. @ 0:10
    “Lindsey’s the guy who double-crosses everyone to save his own skin.”
    – President Obama – Memoir 2020

    1. @Honored Deporable Yep , he sure caused a lot of hate filled people to come out of the shadows … A decent family man , married to a smart woman . How dare he . 
      So much better to have a serial liar, adulterer, twice divorced , twice impeached , twice loser of the popular vote , colluder, assaulter of women , tax cheating , draft dodging, inciter of insurrection like the fat lazy ball of corruption that has slunk off to his golf club to rage and sulk … A real American .

    2. @wee huddy Well when You put it like that, it does portray him in an unkind light. But it’s not like he empowered the racists to spouts their horrific ideals with pride once again. More importantly, he did a fantastic job with the pandemic, no one could have done more unless they actually tried, or even gave a s***.

    3. @math science
      Trump bragged to Fox host Laura Ingraham that he did opposite of what top expert advised amid pandemic

      “I didn’t really listen to [Dr. Anthony Fauci] too much, because I was doing the opposite of what he was saying”

      Trump made his comments during a telephone interview with Fox News personality Laura Ingraham.

    4. @Mimzy Jinx
      After Donald Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, Kevin McCarthy reportedly phoned Trump and begged him to call off his QAnon-drunk dogs, only to get the reply, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.”

    5. @ThE DuCk Not to mention the interview he did with Bob Woodward in February where he explained how deadly this strain of the coronavirus is. He said that he lied to the American people, but only because she didn’t want to panic them. Then during one of his rallies he called it “Just another Democratic hoax” he went on to assert he will not be wearing a mask. Because it’s not a good look.

  4. American man asked Dr Fauci: Dr Fauci, president Trump told us to inject bleach, what do you think about that!?
    Dr Fauci replies: only do it if you are a Republican

  5. It should be an embarrassment they can’t. When he is held accountable for the 6th, will they flip again.

    1. But we shouldn’t let them. We should remind them every chance we get that they completely sold out to him.

  6. “Just like everything he inherited, he ran it into the ground “ Guess at which level the Republican Party is.

  7. When your idol is a modified golden Bob’s Big Boy Hamburgers statue. Kiss that golden spur.

  8. I’d hate to know I was owned by a joke of a clown in full costume. Put his a$$ in jail where he belongs

    1. When Trump gets out of jail, in 2042, …imagine what his soiled orange jump suit will sell for on Ebay.

  9. The common theme experienced by these officials and even scientists who speak out are death threats. This is the worst type of intimidation tactic used by cowards and thugs. I pray these people who make these threats are bought to justice. They want to muzzle dissenting voices.

  10. Geesh and they don’t even have a nose ring to be led around by.They just follow along like they’re drugged.

  11. Funny thing about bamboo?? It grows naturally here in Arizona so they should have done their due diligence

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