Donald Trump Places A Target On The Back Of A US Citizen | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Don’t worry dems will get it first , yall hate guns remember, AR15 is bad right , but it’s my best friend. (;

  1. If Dumpy is soooo proud of his “whiteness”, why does he futilely try to cover it up with bronzer?

    1. I’ll never call him anything but old dumpy because he’s nothing more the 15lbs of bullchit in a 5lb bag

  2. If this congress woman is harmed by anyone, the occupant in the wh should be charged with the crime of inciting violence and provoking a civil war.

    1. @Shlomo Sheckelberg You are afraid to post with your own name. Your opinion of this racist president has no value. Go back to your troll cave.

  3. He says he would appeal to the president! OMG How ignorant. Trump’s a fascist; he would be fine if leaders against him were dead.

  4. Let’s say you had someone you worked with. One day, this person finds out that you support a political policy that they really don’t like. They ask you how you could possibly support this policy, and you say that you think it’s a policy that would make things better in America. They tell you that the policy you support is dangerous, and that you probably hate America, and that if you don’t like the way America already is then you should leave and go back to where you came from. For days afterwards, they encourage people to yell “Go back home!” whenever you’re within earshot. And they go on social media and denounce you, encouraging other random people to pile on, insulting you and calling for you to go back home.

    On both a personal and professional level, you would probably be unhappy about this, and you’d think it was inappropriate, offensive and possibly dangerous. It would be grounds for at least a complaint, if not disciplinary action, in almost any business setting I can personally think of. So when a sitting US president does it, to sitting US Congresspeople, nobody should be OK with it. Nobody.

    1. OYA:
      Well said, OYA. 👍🏼👍🏼
      When Omar ends up murdered by some unhinged, mouth-breathing acolyte of Trump’s, will the President be charged as an accessory to the crime?
      Probably not…although he should be, shackled in the courtroom like the criminal he is.

  5. 45* is German and Scottish. 2 ethnicities/countries that were long reviled in the US for not really being white and being “shitholes”. And immigrants from them were kept out via government quotas and even bans, and immigrants from them were told to “go back from where you came” (there were even riots). The irony that 45* and his cultists don’t even know this basic history.

    1. Kinda funny…but I think they know that because it is the German war tactics that they have been using mostly all along !

    1. This whole Trump racist movement is in large part a response to political correctness and people who assign their own racist meanings to a word or two of some statement. Trump on Omar is doing the same thing, she may have used one or two wrong words when she spoke up against the Isreal/oil centric policy in the middle east policy. I think she referred to Benjamin ($100 bills) with the lobbying efforts and political correct Trump has bent that into referring to the fact the name
      Benjamin is Old Testament/Jewish and she meant it as a racist trope, so his defense for calling her racist and anti-sematic are exactly what everyone in that audience hates.

  6. Every time Trump says anything about someone hating America the first clip that should be played is Trump siding with Putin over the United States and all the anti American comments he has made about our GREAT Nation. Stop just playing these clips with our a rebuttals.

  7. The man who promised to go after his political enemies does the same to a citizen? Say it ain’t so!

  8. Mrs. Pelosi: PLEASE stop debating with yourself wether starting impeachment proceedings is the politically right thing to do. It is your duty to protect the american people and the rest of the world to do so ! PLEASE !

  9. The leader of Yugoslavia started a deadly race and religion war by saying the kind of things Trump is saying now.

  10. On 16 June 2016, Jo Cox, the British Labour Party Member of Parliament for “Batley and Spen”, died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in
    Birstall, West Yorkshire. In September, a 52-year-old local man with far right sympathies named Thomas Alexander Mair was found guilty of her murder, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.

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