Donald Trump Pushes Election Fraud Lie in North Carolina Speech 1

Donald Trump Pushes Election Fraud Lie in North Carolina Speech


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Donald Trump Pushes Election Fraud Lie in North Carolina Speech


    1. And not just elections…name me 1 profitable venture today that’s making him bigly money…Oh, i forgot…his business of scamming his supporters…

  1. Remember Sydney Powell’s defence for her election fraud suit. “Nobody in their right mind would believe the things I was saying”

    1. @J. Noble there are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe and racists. the two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. Female GQP politicians should stick with false eyelashes, implants, short skirts, and giggles, because when they try to go all “insurrectionist” and don the leather they are truly hideous.

    3. @sandwich Man UK (where English comes from): defence. USA: defense. Both are correct when English is used as a world-wide communication standard. America ‘simplified’ English spelling so it more closely matches the sound of the word instead of its etymology. [Edit: removed extraneous word, ‘is’.]

    4. @sandwich Man the military uphold the constitution, they don’t follow failed con man trump. The fact no one read trump’s blog means America has moved on. So should you.

    1. @Michael Coletti That’s what deregulating leads to. It’s why Trump worked so hard to do just that….deregulate.

    1. @Miki van Duyn relax this Mike dude doesn’t know how talk to people in real life
      And probably doesn’t know where the Netherlands is

    2. @nobody loves losers This Mike dude tells the truth. Maybe that’s why you can’t understand.

    3. @Mike Jones which part is the ” truth ”
      For example do you believe trump will be president before 2025

  2. We’re relying on the black and minority vote, the young and female vote to save the country again…I hope y’all turnout ! I know I will, but we need to understand that THIS is the most important election of our time ! AGAIN !

    1. Young people and intelligent women are leaving that soon to be gone party by the thousands weekly. Vote in every election.

    2. @RuRdy2RK Amen. Also, the US needs to invest in education. College educated voters are much less likely to vote for Trump because higher education helps people develop critical thinking skills.

    3. The republicans will target those same groups to discourage them from voting. In 2016 trumps campaign said they were running 3 voter suppression campaigns. Bloomberg: Project Alamo.

    4. I totally agree with you Timothy, We need to turnout again in huge numbers, because if we don’t in HUGE numbers the Rethugblikans will try to steal it again like they did in 2016 and tried to do in 2020.

    1. @Catherine Seminary the only danger to the U.S is Donald Trump. The only one stealing anything from the U.S is Donald Trump. And you know it because your a bot.

    2. @Catherine Seminary your allies are less worried by president Biden. Putin, Kim and Xi miss traitor trump.

    1. @Harold Moore You say that like you are incredulous there might be independent news sources that are not on TV. I can give a list if you like.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas there are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe and racists. the two are not mutually exclusive.

    3. @Mike Jones
      If you are concerned about things lying to you!
      You should dispose of that empty Void that is sitting on your shoulders!
      Delusional what!

  3. The increased turnout (during a pandemic!) was really due to record numbers of absentee ballots. The voter suppression laws going into effect for 2022 will reduce ALL turnout, GOP included. They going down.

  4. Picture Another January 6th!!!
    This Is Civil War In Real Time. Wakeup America Don’t Get Trumped

  5. It’s about time for Attorney General Garland to go after this criminal for all the crimes he’s committed. And all his enablers with their seditious lies must be prosecuted. We can’t allow this treasonous behavior to continue without consequences.

    1. You are really naive and it’s probably a Democrat it’s very confusing and living a lie president Trump is none of what the liberal media is saying all the stupid Democrats why is you so blind to the corruption the lies that cheating then is doing you can’t face the reality of that can you

    2. @LalaLions there are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe and racists. the two are not mutually exclusive.

  6. Is he crazy or he just needs money to pay off his legal fees? Sooner or later, he’ll get an arrest warrant from the feds and foreign authorities for unpaid taxes and loans.

  7. As a citizen of a once-aligned US colony (Germany) I could never imagine to see a former US President hoping to turn over a rightful election with the help of a My Pillow Guy

  8. Sorry, I can’t I see the fact Donald looks like he is wearing a nappy under his pants and that he has his pants on back to front

  9. When GQP again control the House and Senate, they WILL … ABSOLUTELY WILL … END the filibuster TO HOLD POWER IN PERPETUITY. Manchin and Sinema are either delusional or traitors.

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