1. We do have to re-build a ton of bridges, and if Congress can pass a useful
      bill it’d be a great start to his term and about time. We can put Christie
      in charge

    2. We should do upkeep/repairs right away. That will save money over the long
      term. Deferred maintenance costs 3x as much as keeping up with repairs. I
      bet we could find 500 things like that. Don’t know if Trumpy is up to it,
      but the government really does have to think more businesslike.

    1. Racist Against Muslims against Mexican Fat Women Black Ppl(Calls Them the
      Black) Also He Made Fun Of A Disabled Person

  1. well done to mr trump.finally someone with balls who will run the united
    states how he see’s fit……..

  2. Great speech. We defeated the demon and saved our country. She was unable
    to steal the election after stealing the nomination from Bernie. Many of
    his supporters made this possible. God Bless America.

    1. Sheerkat7 Trump is the demon and half the nation will fight your half this
      nation is now fubar and we need to break away and start the republic of the
      west coast states

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