Donald Trump Speech 9/13/16: Great Time at Iowa Rally!

Donald Trump Speech 9/13/16: Great time at Iowa Rally!

Fox News – Donald Trump Speech at Campaign Rally in Iowa – September 13, 2016


  1. The White House will become the clean house thanks to you mr. Trump clean
    that house up get rid of all them scumbags for they are not worthy to be
    called Suzanne governors and politicians thrall not corrupt but most of
    them are clean house are the mall I don’t love America my god-given right
    and our constitution found this great nation under God new liberty and
    justice for all thank you mr. Trump finally a true American daycares I love
    you by the grace of God you will be our next president Because deep down in
    my heart I do believe that you love America like me I spent 20 years in
    prison for my crimes which I am responsible for butt I love America and the
    American way I’m a free man now but I always love America so please put the
    right people in the right positions and thought and rotten scumbags in
    prison because they deserved it they are nothing but a bunch of trailers to
    American citizens thank you for running God bless you and your family Buy
    Buy Baby

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