Donald Trump Speech 9/29/16: I’m Going to End Clinton Corruption!

Donald Trump Speech 9/29/16: I'm Going to End Clinton Corruption! 1


Donald Trump Speech 9/29/16: I'm Going to End Hillary Clinton Corruption!

Donald Trump News – Donald Trump Speech at Campaign Rally in Bedford, New Hampshire – September 29, 2016 – Full Speech

56 Comments on "Donald Trump Speech 9/29/16: I’m Going to End Clinton Corruption!"

  1. Not only Americas last chance for a long while…but all western

    • +Dean Stevens Well she’s going too take law abiding American citizens gun’s
      as for the drugs as long as she gets her cut of the money that will never
      end are only hope is Les Beyer for president haha.

    • Carole Ann Davis | September 29, 2016 at 10:57 PM | Reply

      Not a thing!!!!!! Which is not surprising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeannette Johnson | September 30, 2016 at 1:36 AM | Reply

      +Thomas Wilson I can do you remember in the beginning at one of his
      speeches a lady told him she was told to tell him because the rally was
      running behind that they didn’t have time to say the pledge of alliance.
      Trump right away said no we have time, and the pledge of alliance was said.
      He understands he gets what these vipers are about. Remember the DNC the
      first night not one flag graced the democRats stage. Then they had the
      audacity to change the white section to Amber. Believe me Trump truly gets
      it, he’s a little older than me but we remember the America we grew up in.

  2. The Government is the biggest importer of Narcotics in the world!

    • The USA backed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now the export of narcotics from
      Afghanistan is bigger than ever.

    • CHRISOTPHER JONES | September 29, 2016 at 5:34 PM | Reply

      Well said, to back that up a tad, while I served in Vietnam the Agency ran
      the opium traffic of the golden triangle especily so Laos, see winter
      soldiers Nam congressional hearings.. or Oliver North flooded the states
      with cocaine, supposedly to fund the Nicuaraga sh**tshow. The wall is OK,
      getting rid of the sucklings on the inside is going to be the true battle.

    • magnuman008 they won’t even hand out pain killers anymore since obuma came
      into office. That’s the reason why more people are turning to herion. Their
      doctors won’t prescribe them anything for their pain anymore because of

  3. He needs to bring this performance to the next two debates if he wants to
    have a chance of winning

    • Not if it’s Fixed ? Like the first one was.?

    • He won the first debate. Silly debates have no bearing on my choice; I’ve
      been watching trump closely the last 2 years. He’s clearly the guy for the

    • Up your game with Crooked Hillary and You, America and the Western world
      will win. Don’t be nice to her, or afraid of her. She’s Demonic and needs
      exorcising from American Politics with the rest of the Progressives /
      Communists in your beautiful country.
      I’m British, but if Donald wins, I’ll pledge a dual allegiance to the
      American Flag and the Union Jack.
      God Bless America, Britain and Israel.

    • Everything you said was exactly wrong. Im embarrassed for you

  4. We all true British people want you to win mr trump for the sake of our
    culture and sovereignty in the west let’s hope you have a quiet word in Mrs
    Mays ear, we want London back with true Londoners ,not the LONDONSTAN
    CORUPT councils and mayors we AV ad put in place we will all be up through
    the night watching the whole election U RAR

    • I’m from the U.k and I’m with you Jo. Trump for president.

    • It is so nice to find some Europeans who support Trump. Usually we get shot
      down as “idiots” from our friends abroad. I will admit that Canada seems to
      be the worst though just north.

    • +jake collins go trump from australia

    • thank you for the support! shits going to get really tough in the next few
      weeks.. we need all the support we can get.. the media is going into panic
      mode and they are all United against us.. its going to be hard but we can
      do it

    • I myself campaigned for Brexit, for four months I walked the streets before
      work and after, delivering Brexit news papers leaflets reminding people to
      register to vote I had 64 family members that had never voted because they
      all said that there votes would never matter basically , I showed them
      proof what was happening to our culture and sovereignty, and told them that
      us the little people that keep our country running would have the final say
      money and corruption can only go so far for the elite ,greed and
      dictatorship like the Hun ,I wanted my children and grandchildren to be
      safe from a sick ideology and foreign sexual predators , as we have enough
      of our own, and I also was given a booklet of our constitution .so many
      people wanted copy’s ,so remember we all abide by those laws not the crap
      our governments have made up. So all you courageous people in the USA, can
      get your country back the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN I PROMISE YOU THAT, MR
      TRUMP YOU WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT , there will be a lot of terror
      attacks instructed by the establishment with b.l.m. Getting worst,has
      George Soros the founder of this group and of the destruction of our
      country’s ,so please pound the streets knock on doors talk to people in
      bars, shopping Que.s ect I did ,we all make a deference ,

  5. Next time you debate that witch. Don’t be so nice to someone who went to
    your wedding. If you want to win it, you have to be more brutal.

    • Andrew Brindley | September 30, 2016 at 1:56 AM | Reply

      That’s the thing, by holding back he’s gotten the people on his side. The
      people now are calling for him to be brutal, so when he does so he won’t be
      called out for it. He’ll be supported by the people. It’s strategy I didn’t
      expect from Trump.

    • she needs to be called out on her corruptions!!!! do it!

    • Andrew Brindley | September 30, 2016 at 3:03 AM | Reply

      +Star Sister You will see that October 9th mark my words.

  6. That’s our next POTUS.

    • Jeannette Johnson | September 30, 2016 at 1:21 AM | Reply

      +bstevans0 Today Sept 29 th is Archangel Michael and all Angles day. Being
      aware of what today represent I have to comment that your comment is the
      most vile, contemptuous, dark of heart and full of evil malice post I have
      read. You truly belong in the camp that hates mankind and is a server to

    • seeing how you are up on things, i hope you are voting for trump. tell your
      friends, we will see another total wipe out! hillary went somewhere today
      but i did not hear much about it. she still is not able to draw a crowd.
      nobody wants to listen to her. maybe people that are bedridden. they are
      not able to leave. clinton’s karma does not look good. a guy got ran over
      on the freeway today. reporter talked to his girlfriend. she said he was in
      trouble, running from the police, she said that him getting run over like
      that was karma! that made me think of hillary. a semi truck on the freeway
      ran over him. it was doing 70 mph. he misjudged. girlfriend stuttered. she
      said that was karma!

    • bstevens0 lol you should not show everyone how upset you are that your
      lying corrupt criminal wench is going to lose badly on Nov 8th LMFAO –
      Better get alot of Kleenex n Visine for the Trump inauguration ,you libtard
      . Now you can go back to jerking yourself over Hillary pics like a good
      cuck …

  7. Trump is the last chance for western civilisation

  8. Donald Trump was right about many things, one in particular……….this
    is our last chance! It will never come again!! Do the right thing for our
    grandkids and for the future of our country! Vote Trump/Pence

    • couldn’t agree more do the right thing for this country voted for Hillary.
      And the Republican Party once and for all and accept but this country
      belongs farther to the left as the rest of the Civilized world

    • +Twilio Educated people don’t speak the way you do and they spell “liar”
      correctly because it’s just a simple four letter word. 🎓😂#MAGA

    • don’t be a fool. american liberals are essentially conservatives. american
      conservatives are simply insane. Isn’t that obvious to you? Most blue
      states are not liberal at all.

    • Adam Rahman… Conservatives are insane? That’s funny. Liberals love
      abortions and abhor guns. So they’re fine with killing our babies, but
      keeping them and defending them is despicable. That’s liberalism in a
      nutshell, they’re beliefs are sick and twisted and a poor representation of
      reality. But go ahead and think otherwise

  9. I hope before the 3rd debate Donald releases his taxes and it shows he gave
    huge to charity and paid almost no taxes (proving he is smart and loving).
    Then he can lay down the hammer on the demonic hoe cake and pound her over
    her hidden emails. Seizure time!!!

  10. USWGA Corporative | September 29, 2016 at 8:48 PM | Reply

    Thank you Mr Trump for talking about this horrible addiction epidemic in
    our Nation

    • i always come back to that. lets talk about heroin. not some fat girl that
      was called fat. he has already apologized. hillary will not let loose of
      it. i am worried about too many muslims too.

    • USWGA Corporative | September 30, 2016 at 7:50 AM | Reply

      We have much bigger issues that we need to fix for all women in this nation
      like addiction, violence, basic human rights, jobs, education not some
      beauty BimBo from 20 years ago…

  11. Donald Trump is the Man.

  12. After 8 years of devastation with Obama, our once great nation can’t
    survive 4 more years of the same with Hillary. Trump is our last hope!

  13. So Trump, the walking aneurism, is going to end Clinton corruption when the
    attorneys general of several states are looking into all the laws broken by
    the Trump Foundation. He gets his clock cleaned by Hillary at the debate
    and then calls into Fox and Fiends the next morning to double down on
    insulting women. And now his campaign staff is calling in debate prep
    stories about Trump being an unteachable ignoramus to the NY Times!
    The only way The Donald is seeing the inside of the Oval Office is on a
    White House tour.

  14. West Coast Camera | September 29, 2016 at 10:29 PM | Reply

    End Clinton corruption. Build the wall. Secure our borders. Protect our
    nation. Guide our country to greatness. And serve with honor, Mr.

    • There has never been more corrupt candidate to apply for presidency than
      Donald Trump lmfao. He should be rotten in a jail for the rest of his life
      and all his money back to people he has stolen from. Fucking idiots

    • So dishonest?? Donald Trumps has proven lying percent of seventy fucking
      eight = 78%, cant believe how fucking idiot u are and most of the americans

    • u make monkeys look smart and people like u should be put to the fucking
      school for the rest of their life and keep them there till they finally
      understand wtf is going on

    • Triggered snowflake

    • Cursing, being ignorant, numb to the truth explains why you take you have
      to curse. Cursing does not make you tuff or truthful.

  15. Poor Lester Holt was purely shaking after the debate. He was having to tow
    the line for Hildebeest.

  16. Does anybody remember back in 2003 when the Dixie Chics said that they were
    ashamed that George W Bush was from Texas ? I Myself loved that they said
    that, about that Moron back then. They were crucified by the Main Stream
    Media ,” Freedom of Speech “was attacked because of Politics and it is
    under siege to this day by the Political Elite . I Would Love to see these
    Brave Woman back , i also love their music , these Woman have so much
    talent ..Where did they go ?

  17. This man ain’t no racist or nothin I agree with lots of his points

  18. Hillary policy and history is about war, killing and lies. And she will
    lead the warld to a nuclear war with Russia and chaina. Trump with no
    record of war, killing have a better chance For a REALL peace in the world.
    Vote for peace vote trump

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