Donald Trump Thanksgiving Video Message 11/23/16

Donald Trump Thanksgiving Video Message 11/23/16

President Elect Donald Trump releases a Thanksgiving video message calling for Unity – November 23, 2016


  1. God bless this man! I think that we’ve been given a second chance. Please,
    let’s not screw it up… PS: The thumbs up that I gave is for
    president elect Trump NOT for CNN…

  2. I’m thankful you were elected President however if you keep backing out of
    the promises you ran on I’m going to be very regretful. I’ll be thankful
    when you keep your campaign promises you were elected on which includes
    locking up the criminals named Clinton, building that wall, saving SS and
    medicare, and cleaning up Washington among other things. You want to
    restore trust, keep your promises Mr. President.

    1. You have to trust Trump. He won against all odds (such as the blatant
      biased by CNN) for a reason. He knows how to choose his people. Right now
      the most important thing is to unite this nation, everything else will come
      in place

  3. The least they could have done is to have shown the whole message if any.
    That is CNN for you.

  4. unity is just what we need so we can work togather and support one another.
    We must have at least the desire to have each others back. lets all at
    least just fake it till we make it. We have to embrace something. What do
    we have to loose by embracing each others success and well being. What do
    we have to gain by not embracing each others success and well being. Lets
    all please unite together and together United we cannot fail ourselves of
    each other

  5. Doesn’t Mitt have ties with the Bush Family? Both worked in concert to
    ridicule Trump. To use that guy in the administration is handing the bush
    family power by extension.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving President Trump! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Your means of
    talking to Your people, WE prefer hearing from you directly since the news
    talking heads tend to Twist Everything You Say.

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