1. 22 women have now claimed sexual assault by Cadet Spanky McBonespurs…
    for the 22nd time he has denied it…
    but he lies everyday about everything…
    yeah, so I’m inclined to believe the 22 women over the 1 orange liar…

    1. Yes let’s believe someone who is promoting their book for fame and making up a B.S story 23 years ago with no evidence. If you saw E jean Carroll’s MSNBC interview when she was asked why she didn’t call police right away she had to think 5 seconds for an answer 🤣. Believe all liberal marxists women like swetnick who admitted she was coached by Avenatti to lie about kavanaugh

  2. I can’t help but think about Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder when he threatens Flaming Dragon on the phone.

  3. The Trump administration is a “radical regime”. Proof? If we go to war with Iran, let’s see how many of our allies show up.

  4. Creating a war to gain support in the next election. A move straight out of the politicians handbook. I hope everyone sees this for what it is.

  5. Trump will be obliterated in 2020 at the voting booth. A Blue Electoral Landslide sweeping him out.

  6. #OrangeMoron playbook sounds familiar. Just ‘yip-yip-yip!’ without results, as we’ve seen with North Korea.
    Now, Iran is a different kind of adversary and they have seen how nothing comes off trump’s ‘dealmaking’, so they bring their own playbook… war is more likely now than before, thanks to the bumbling fool in the WH.

  7. What’s with the unity of the Russian first than Israel than United States flags behind Bolton? Some conspiracy going on here? 🤔

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