1. @CNNOTHING BURGER LETS GO BRANDON!!! I call it corporatist price gouging. Something populist MAGA should despise, right?

  1. For gods sake lock Trump up already this is like a movie that has no ending ~ We all know he’s guilty ~ Let’s put him up on trial already so he can’t run for President again ~

    1. @M Hall 25 CFR § 11.448 – Abuse of office.
      A person acting or purporting to act in an official capacity or taking advantage of such actual or purported capacity commits a misdemeanor if, knowing that his or her conduct is illegal.

      18 U.S.C. § 1503 – Obstruction of Justice
      Is an act that corruptly or by threats of force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct or impede, the due administration of justice.

    2. @BitBuhkit 900 people move to Florida a day, people are leaving blue states like California and New York in groves they bring there crappy ideologies that made them move in the first place.

  2. Dude, I really am starting to feel like they’re going to try to come at Trump with a federal RICO. I feel like that’s why he’s not been hit with anything yet. I HOPE I’m right. But idk. They’ve let him get away with so much.

    1. @Goodfellezzs Besides do you have any idea how long it take to build a Legitimate RICO Case? The best Attorney’s on the Planet couldn’t get it together in 3 or even 4 Year’s lol.

    2. @Goodfellezzs Their simply Grandstanding for the Midterm’s. They’ve damn near Destroyed the Country so they certainly can’t Run on their Policies. So Their gonna try to put on a Show. This is pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

  3. I agree with the others people point! This man, and family should have been arrested long time ago. All these breaking stories are about readership, subscribers. The world knows he’s “GUILTY” so enough already with it all.

  4. I’d say the hit was delivered long ago, in multiple court challenge failures and his own AG telling us “No Fraud”

  5. A malignant narcissist never stops being a malignant narcissist stuck on the looping wheel of traits no matter how old they are. Repetitive narc word vomit with zero shame.

    1. Ex members of Peoples Temple, WatchTower, Aum Supreme Truth, Unification church etc etc, know all this!

  6. Rule #1 when cheating, stealing and lying: Accuse the other side of carrying out the crimes you are actually busy with.

    1. @mike myers you are missing out.
      When you go to Safeway’s are any grocery store you could buy small can of Juanita’s Menudo just to sample it and see if you like it

  7. Barr and Durham deserve to be sued for bad faith prosecution to cover legal fees and perhaps punitive damages as well.

  8. Coming from a viewpoint of of someone not on either side, you need to get on with arresting him and his fellow criminals. It does look rather odd not punishing criminal behaviour that’s at the highest level. The laws were written with everyone in mind, no exceptions. In fact the particular laws, relevant to the case, were written for the exact thing he tried. He needed it to work to get away with it. It didn’t work, so, time for the handcuffs.

    1. @Robert Franz Wow.. man, you people can not stop think about Donald Trump.. what was it that made you so made that you had to be condescending to me then top it off with implying I’m a Trump supporter? Please dear god, can you shine a sliver of light on this incident?

    2. When children are so wrapped up in themselves that they take an old farmers saying to be Trump supporting. 😂 no one will ever call franky smart 🤣

    1. Sucker born every minute, if it’s too good to be TRUE……he tells it like it is….ALL talk, no action, jack of all trades MASTER of none, the Older he gets, the better he WAS, a show offs glory is BRAGGING, fools names and fools faces, always appear in PUBLIC places…… pops words of wisdom and never ever break your word,name,and Balls. TONY MONTANA.

  9. 2020 Georgia election laws stated “only election officials could legally control, secure, handle, ballot drop boxes”. Each ballot violation is 10 years prison.

  10. Every accusation he makes is a projection of his own doing. When will people wake up and dump trump.

  11. I’m getting to the point now (no pun intended) where I don’t want to hear anything more about Trump until they photograph him in an orange jumpsuit. The perp walk before that would be great, but I don’t think they would ever perp walk a former president. At any rate they need to hurry up before a Republican gets in the White House because you just know that SOB will issue a full pardon just like Nixon got.

    1. Sorry to say, but SHORTLY after 1 January 2023, it WILL BE BACK ON THE GOLDEN THRONE AGAIN…This time FOREVER.

  12. It’s disturbing to realize Trump’s dwindling base thinks and behaves just like him, and those are just the kids in third grade. But it does explain why their older brothers and sisters still haven’t made it out of mom’s basement.

  13. Ok, I finally like Chris – as much as I didn’t want to based on my first impression long before this podcast. Too many excellent takes, and finally capable demeanor, I just can’t keep not liking him anymore.

    Best sidebars in the industry.

  14. the man tried to hide everything but one thing stood out like a sore thumb that was impossible to hide .. his grift and incompetency

  15. “I just want to find 11780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
    —Former U.S President Donald Trump

    1. @The Leader of the Gangsters Comrade. You need to brush up on your English skills if you want to be taken seriously as a Russian disinformation bot.

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