Donald Trump’s Attempts At Consoling Pale In Comparison To 2020 Candidates | Deadline | MSNBC

The New York Times reporters Annie Karni and Nick Confessore, The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes, former TIME Mag managing editor Rick Stengel, and Move On’s Karine Jean-Pierre on the contrast between Donald Trump’s trips to Dayton and El Paso and how the comfort offered by the 2020 contenders
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Donald Trump’s Attempts At Consoling Pale In Comparison To 2020 Candidates | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. People who still support Trump are simply not being truthful with themselves. This man is unfit to be president of anything.

    1. @Jacek Głowacki You are very funny in a nutter kind of way. As if I’m going to take advice from a troll about being brain washed. 🤣

    2. Dotty Powers if they admit he’s a white supremacist and sick, evil man, they have to question their own morals and ideas about who they think they are. That would be painful

    1. Sorry I can’t disagree more with you on this point. The TRUTH is that his enablers would KEEP him in power and have us all at risk despite him running around butt naked with Cheetos falling out of all his private parts in the WH!👍🏿

    1. He is. Look up the DSM IV criteria. He fits every single one. He’s a textbook sociopath.

  2. …here is how to ban assault weapons…tell Trump : Obama invented them! ….by the end of this week they would be banned!

  3. Nahh, Hillary was right about the Deplorables comment. She was just wrong about how deep it went/goes … it worse than she thought/imagined.

    1. @ch70 It changes everything, in my opinion. Twitler wishes he could be as empathetic as Beto. He doesn’t have it in him.

    1. 8alot4t … glad I’m not alone in seeing the nihilist undertones! There are people that only want to destroy and they don’t care about nationalism they want to destroy. Once they made it to mainstream it’s like a flood gate opened up.

    1. Wake up sleepy. They are ALL bought. There is only one corporate party. Their “” battles are pretend. Fake. A show for the commoners that don’t know a flukking thing about the government. . The banks, the military industry, billionaires, Bilderbergers, the Black Nobility, and the Jesuits run America with bribes, blackmail, and violence. Mafia stuff. .

    1. Brian Powell patients who weren’t shooting victims came out to see him but no one pointed that out.

  4. Wow! 😥! This is sad, Beto is doing what trump should be doing! Consololing the people! I wouldn’t want to meet with trump either!

  5. There is no point listening to “teleprompter Trump” speeches because they are not his words. He has no idea how to show compassion. He is a loathsome individual.

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