1. @Laura gn 👈. You are one of the few I’ve heard that likes Brian Stelter. CNN is one sided crap. Have been for years.

    2. @M Hall I didn’t dislike Brian. And I always admired Anderson Cooper. I watched Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.
      I don’t know what happened, but something unsettling is going on. I find myself watching MSNBC often. Rachel Maddie, Joy Reid, Ari Melber, Morning Joe and Way Too Early, Chris Hayes etc. I don’t sleep through the night so late night early morning shows catch my attention. I’m not a maga nutball so fox has never been an option for me. I can’t tolerate anyone or anything that supports chump and all his grifting. May I ask what your preferences are for news programs?

    3. @Laura gn 👈. Hi Laura, I stopped watching CNN, and MSN years ago when they turned total left wing nut. Not a Fox fan but I watch Gutfeld, he cracks me up and once in a while Fox and Friends. Mostly I watch or read News Max, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, or USA Today.

      I fly for a living and talk to people everywhere or watch the local news whatever city or country I’m in at the time. Last night was in Cincinnati, today I’ll be in Tampa, 2 days ago Roswell NM, before that was DFW, etc, etc.

      Rachel and morning Joe turn my stomach. CNN either lies or only gives you the liberal side and not both, they show clips that meet their agenda but not the whole story. This is why Nicholas Sandmann is rich now. CNN showed pre selected cuts of their videos that made the boy look guilty.
      I am a Trump fan so I suppose you hate my guts lol, but I would rather have him than biden who is destroying our country. I don’t agree with everything he said but he is better for America than the trash waddling around the WH now.
      I talk to people on the border states like Arizona, NM, Texas, and they hate biden mainly because he opened the border and they are really suffering for it. Drugs are rampant, theft has skyrocketed, home owners finding illegals in their garages or sheds, it’s a mess and biden owns it.
      I fly with people who are on both sides of the fence and many who were excited about biden have now changed their tune and rethinking the Trump administration, and miss it now.

      I have Democrat friends also I go
      on cross country motorcycle trips together. Sure we disagree on things but don’t have the hate like on this CNN YouTube. We have a beer and talk, or leave politics out and take a break from it and enjoy each other’s company.
      I just come here for entertainment purposes only between flights or dead heading home. Thanks for your response be safe out there.

  1. In the “greatest” democracy in the world, you can run free as the biggest grifting crook in the world and still have a chance to become president. Can there be a thing like “too democratic”?

    1. @Zero9656
      Russia China and North Korea hope so.
      You have bad judgement, it’s a good thing you got me around to keep it all straight for ya.
      Be more like Clint Eastwood or something for starters.

  2. They don’t seem to have slowed him down in his rallies or in those of the GQP who defend him, so until he is in Court all these are theoretical while Dumpy continues to be treated very leniently.

  3. Age is his biggest problem. The public, esp. young voters won’t vote for another 78 yo man/woman. And his litigation will bog him down. He’s taking money from the RNC to pay his attorneys.

    1. @LF You have some interesting items in your YouTube playlists. Anyway, speaking to folks like you is not worth anyone’s time because all you can think of is “lock him up” and “trump bad”. All folks like you can spit up are negative talking points and how revenge is the only way forward for our country. I’ll be more optimistic. Moving on.

  4. None of it matters if he isn’t handcuffed and locked up. The man committed treason and hasn’t been charged – let’s not forget “Individual One”.

  5. At this point I no longer care about his problems. Especially since the sophomaniac creates most of them himself. I just hope he gets a dozen new ones a day for the rest of his life.

    1. @Follower of Jesus Christ You might consider removing this highly off-topic and disruptive insertion in this thread. It’s a glaringly obvious case of egotism. Your religion is irrelevant in this discussion.

  6. This person with all of this baggage and allegations would end the career of most politicians not to mention ruin their public image and legacy, and this is the front runner for the Republican party. Incredible

    1. Yeah, and the fact that he’s worshipped more and more by his party and his supporters is very very troubling. The inmates are indeed running the asylum.

  7. Every time I hear the term “Trump organization” I am reminded of that scene in Godfather 2 where Willie Cicci is testifying before the Senate committee. Senator: ” But in actuality ,you were a member of the Corleone crime organization?” Willie Cicci: ” We called it the family, senator ,the Corleone family” It’s NOT the Trump organization it’s the Trump CRIME FAMILY!

  8. How is it possible for someone with so much baggage filled with criminal activity be allowed to run for ANY public office which shows what kind of world this new America really is?

    1. @T L I wasn’t a Moonie follower nor a Jim Jones follower, so, naturally – you can know I’m no Donald Trump follower.

    2. Because you are ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and in this country, unfortunately, one seems to be able to delay until the defendant dies or something!

  9. 4000 cases in 30 years means means he either was sued or filed suit against someone every 3 days. A person that is in court so much can only be taken out by the court.

  10. Yes, Biden has acted with grace after the transfer of power.
    And through it all he invites the Real Republicans to sit down
    and work together to self-govern our country. Harris too, has solid
    character and is a wonderful example of a woman of color in a high office.

    1. Who acted with more grace than Al Gore when it comes to the peaceful transfer of power.?😑 Of course this all about the Democrats being graceful even in defeat.

  11. There’s a chance that we’ll have our first president miss giving a state of the union speech because he’s in court

  12. 4:26 Only true thing his treasonousness has said: “I’m a PhD of litigation” Piled higher and deeper. True story. Spot on.

  13. Trump is definitely going to run again to try to wiggle his way out of all of these lawsuits (if he isn’t convicted first).
    Can’t convict a sitting president and it would be unprecedented to indict and or convict a person campaigning for POTUS. But when it comes to this guy there’s a lot of “unprecedented” things happening as of late.

    BTW – Good to see Chris is back! With the current changes underway at CNN I feared he went the way of Brian Stelter and John Harwood.

    1. @anne hersey I think it is really good……..getting back to the old cnn, non-divisive reporting of facts and not biased opinion. Still has a long way to go….

    2. @anne hersey speak for yourself. You would be the only one going to the slammer, Im a law abiding US citizen. Also, In Florida, you wouldn’t get that far. Stand your ground saves a lot of people from crazies like you with preconceived fascist thoughts and violence on their minds.

    3. @Hakkebrakke ​ Be sure Trump will never get accused, either! “He should not be taken” under any responsibility with SCOTUS like that! The one thing that – could be done is to introduce limits on justices who can serve in SCOTUS. All have to be; investigated if they have malfunctioned with their position of power and checked if they held part in any cover-ups. Also, the constitution needs to be re-forged on a scale that will ban religious institutions from taking federal tax breaks or taking benefits because they abuse most… Of the child-welfare system!

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