Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial: Answering your questions 1

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial: Answering your questions


Donald Trump is the only president to ever be impeached by the House of Representatives two times. This week, he faces the Senate for a second trial. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN's Chris Cillizza answers your most pressing questions about what’s to come.

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Allison Gordon
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla

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    1. Surely CNN should know that the senate does not have the power to impeach. Only the HoR does.
      Senate may convict Trump, but I highly doubt it, given he is innocent of the accusation, and even if he were guilty, would not be impeachable.

      But then again, this is CNN we are talking about…..propaganda for the masses.

    2. @Agolf Twittler for you ?? I have more then 20 items keep in the nice place to be for use maybe
      Next month ..
      I can’t wait to use it …
      I may go to wash and clean ..

    3. @Arby McDonald or shame for goodness sake if I was Ted/Lyndsey/Josh Hawley or Marjorie Taylor even Boebert I would have to dissappear from the face of this earth because goodness I’d never be able to show my FACE in public again

    4. The seditionist minority is such a tremendously bigly waste of time, space and oxygen:
      >>for you ?? I have more then 20 items keep in the nice place to be for use maybe>Next month ..>I can’t wait to use it …>I may go to wash and clean ..

    5. @Maje Brennan well then, I’m happy for you. I do disagree with you though, and I AM NOT a former prosecutor or defense lawyer, or former army officer. Hope you get my point. I have no intention of debating your position of self-righteous affirmation, it’s a little too self ingratiating for me. So little substance – just like Trump’s defense.

      I think it would be safe to consider this a public deposition, disclosure process. The GOP has a real opportunity here, if they choose to take it. Trump followers too, have an opportunity here as well, if they choose to take it. They can start by watching the trial and then making a personal choice using their own independent critical skills to judge the merit of the arguments made and debated in their Senate representation.

    1. @Pokemon Lover Actually “debunked” by the fool himself with the recorded phone call to GA’s secretary of state,… or have you not heard of that one yet?? I can find it if you like……..

    2. America died between January, 20 2016 through January, 20th 2020 with President Donald Trump at the helm.

    1. @Billy Pardew democrats didn’t do that to y’all, republicans played themselves. Y’all even admit it, twice a day…

  1. They only need 3 witnesses one of which should be Michael Cohen. He should be allowed to put the boot in to his old boss …

    1. @mike briganti Well seeing you haven’t been keeping up to date on what Cohen has been saying. Yes, he’s a criminal and yes he lied for Trump. But the dude is making good by telling the truth about Trump. Let’s not forget that under oath Michael Cohen predicted that there would be violence after the election.

    2. @Billy Pardew I don’t know where you’ve been since Jan 20th but that’s the FORMER president you’re talking about.

    3. @p herrimg yeah I know I heard all about it from Time Magazine it was wonderful and it makes us all realize just how right we were

    4. @Billy Pardew you mean trumps personal “fixer” who tried to NDA a pornstar with money and communicated with Russia agents and is a significant part of the Mueller report. When he was caught, the now former president replaced with guilliani with mixed results at best.

    1. @Bunty Joy the trial was held in the house dumbass they had 17 Witnesses the Senate said the witnesses did not give sufficient evidence to convict so the Senate did not convict

    2. @Billy Pardew Those 17 witnesses testified before the House during Trump’s 1st impeachment, NOT during the Senate trial that followed it.Mitch McConnell wouldn’t allow witnesses in the Senate trial.

    1. @Michale Rudy Dude, he WAS impeached.
      That is the House’s job. The House did, in fact, impeach T*****.
      Impeachment is like an indictment.
      Then, the Senate holds the trial.
      Pls, pay attn.

    2. @Tht1Gy He was ACQUITTED. Yes he was charged but not convicted.
      Dems ran a joke charge, not based on evidence. In the end he was ACQUITTED.

    3. @Michale Rudy “… he was ACQUITTED.” By a bunch of COWARDS.
      No witnesses? COWARDS!
      None the less, he WAS impeached.

  2. When trump is so obviously at the best, ruining the reputation of the USA, his already ruined, why do Republican senators support him? Amazing.

    1. “Support” is a very complex term in a Congressional circumstance. It’s never an ethical thing there, it’s a negotiated thing.

    2. Really? In 10 days in the white house now, who ruined workers? In 10 days now gas is already up by $1.25 now. But we’ll, he ruined the demons agenda because everything by wasn’t right.. he exposed their corruptions right?

    3. @sos * Biden can just coup himself a pardon or third term with this blank check you’ve all been writing…

    1. Won’t make a difference to any of us except for maybe satiating your vitriol, but I doubt even that would be enough. Hahahahaha sad.

  3. If the GOP refuses to convict, they’ve sold out completely. They are toast
    If the GOP does convict, they can reconstruct the party. But without Trump supporters, they are toast.

  4. I say that the Republicans will want to take the vote, “before” they hear the evidence again. The won’t want their vote contrasted in public to vast amounts of evidence. They would rather say that the vote was a miscarriage of justice by the “RADICAL LEFT”. Democrats should not fall for that.

  5. All the cruelty and evil this man has done it’s a no brainer to opt his a$$ otta there asap can’t see how people are so nieve

  6. should be arrested for the kind of action; which will lead to killing government officials and law makers of the country

    1. @72cut “She stole my purse! Stop the steal! Good, y’all tackled her to the ground, haha! Oh wait, here’s my purse…”

    1. North of 54th, here we meet again. I stand by my little alteration that it …exposes them as the cowards they are…

    1. @Frank Martinez Again I will forgive you your ignorance. My “people” did not “politicize” wearing masks that was a recommendation of the CDC (the organization that is in charge of monitoring and maintaining public health). Just because I agree that it is a time honored way to slow the spread of virus’ does not make me ignorant, but optimistically cautious and a person who actually cares about the health and well-being of others to see masks are a small inconvenience to bear when pandemics are rampant. And you, in your self-righteous delusion, think you know more than a highly acclaimed Dr. who was instrumental in containing the Ebola virus? What degree do you hold?

    2. @Patricia Davis so you trump supporters haven’t been crying about your freedom being taken away because you have to wear masks in public?

  7. Can someone please mention the fact that that he posted on Twitter “see you in Washington on the 6th, it’s going to be wild”?

  8. The Senate’s should be ashamed of themselves for not doing there job. They should be removed from office

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