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  1. Lies Yu a tell smh jcf is big joke cause the streets know anuh the man shub her out cause him been a grind her years now so why she wouldn’t have been a suspect unless there’s a next baby mama

    1. @Enter /Allowed The public have to trust the police, don’t forget the police have a difficult job to do. And to investigate a crime it takes time it’s not a quick fix. Sometimes it takes time to take the suspect to justice ⚖️

    2. @Sylvester Wade finally someone speaks sense! These people are not interested in getting the perpetrators they just want these officers. So sad.

    3. Until we the people start seeking justice on our own it will never change because police a protect police.

  2. Well God I put this case in ur hands work wonders on this mother behalf an give her justice for her daughter .

    1. So, she can’t be absent for any other reason in the universe other than she killed someone?🙄😳

    2. If is not Noel kill her is the baby mother- and just like nebiour said they hear lot of noise coming from the apartment- and they see baby mom and a next woman went their – why the police 👮‍♂️ them wait that long

    3. @Dawnalee Carey you a must r family but time will tell…When it all comes out all the death penalty she fi get wicked gal… careless fi r child put man first

  3. I was born in Jamaica and I have one child He ask me what is so great about Jamaica when persons life have no value even the way our cases are investigated and tried,,, What can I say to him right now 😔 😔

    1. Just tell him the truth. That each countries around the world 🌎 investigating crime’s in different ways

  4. The police and the lawyer.a the same type of criminal wat more can people expect to hear carma with reach u people soon

  5. Blessing’s each N everyone 🙏🏿 How can she not be a Suspect? When she N another Police 👮‍♀️ Visited the Apartment, When Donna Lee was their, Tennant R Tennant’s Revealed she N another Officer Visited the Apartment, and a Argument Ensued, The Tennant heard Glass Shattering, So how can she not be a Suspect? She is a Suspect, Unu think No Body No Conviction, That’s a Lie, Proper Forensic Collection N interrogation, Will lead to N Arrest, How is it these Officer’s Phone 📱 is not Confiscated? How come? This is not a Good Look 👀

    1. As we all know this is Jamaica where we can find the most unsolved crimes, without good lawyer from other countries or lawyer that Jamaicans can afford, we dnt have a case and worse this matter is about police

  6. Corruption at it highest she is 1 if the last person who saw her alive normally those persons would be considered suspects until proven otherwise but true she a police she is exempt from the justice process

  7. A pleasant day to Jamaican in paradise.
    But seamenly feels like hell with all these foney people who swear to protect, and with held the law.
    How dear Fitz Bailey out there telling lawyer that persons are not a suspect when there’s on active investigation going on, why is he clearing people that that is not even properly investigated???
    Everyone is a suspect until proven innocent.
    What did he prove??
    he need to be fired, period.

  8. What an embarrassing situation the JDF and Judicial System is in, don`t you all realize people around the world are watching you? Donna Lee Donaldson is a human not an animal.

  9. Dose that suppose to mean something to Jamaica and the world that is watching this thing unfold infront our eyes day by day…one of them did something to that girl either she are the man Mr Bailey get this solved am watching from Philadelphia get this solved

  10. Darkness must come to light Jamaica, Jamaica oh Jamaica repent, repent wickedness, wickedness just remember God sees everything and there’s a consequence mighty God jehovah

  11. She might not have done it. But if it’s true that she has assaulted her at gun point in the pass there should be consequences and reprecautions. This is a mess.

  12. We might as well give all the suspects (all those who were involved and contributed somehow to the disappearance of Ms. Donaldson) a pass then so nothing gets resolved… Smh. Recklessness is in various places. Sadly.

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