1. @Wayne Conrad I can really tell you aren’t brought up well. You seem to have lack of compassion, as well as the sense of balance in logic in deciphering situations morally. If you are in favour of imposing cuffs on a 6-year old simply for misbehaving in school, then you are equating this to the same level of seriousness as people of similar character as yourself when committing burglary or arson etc. Does this even make sense? Just to make them feel the fear in order to let them learn? What a backward thinking in this era. Have you even weighed the pros and cons of this teaching method? Just for the sake of inducing fear for future deterrence, you allow a deep crack in their current state of mind that will later shape their personality and morals that they carry till their last breath. I truly sympathize children with parents like you. Please say you don’t have kids.

    2. @godsakezz Cruelty is the point with humans like Wayne. They love to see people traumatized. And after authority has traumatized the victim, humans like Wayne kick down to make everything worse.
      Wayne’s hatred has no bounds, no limits. The more pain he can cause , the “happier” he thinks that he is.

    3. @Jay J You are beyond heartless. A 6 year old child should never be arrested and handcuffed especially when they are facing a medical issue. Grow a pair and stop being a bully. Someone must have really messed u up as a kid yourself. Poor guy you are a pitiful excuse of a person.

  1. If you don’t have handcuffs small enough, then odds are they shouldn’t be arrested at all. There’s a reason they don’t make handcuffs for children. Smh

    1. @Dixie Normous One word, no. That’s how people make history. Rosa Parks didn’t follow oppressive laws, look how that turned out… Your username indicates that you clearly are horizontally lacking.

    2. @Patriot I disagree. Tough Love does not cure every child. And tell me how many children when asked at the age of 5 or 6 say they want to be in a gang when they grow up? They don’t start out like that. Adults and other people in their world teach them to be that way. Hurt people HURT! So you are saying that they should be hurt even more??? Obviously, what they need is understanding and compassionate but firm love, that figures out what is causing the problem and endeavors to fix it. Tough love can screw more kids up psychologically than compassion, and turn them into gang bangers. Your logic is a tad skewed if you are suggesting a blanket policy of that. It would only create more of them, not less.

    3. @Dixie Normous Like seriously, do you believe that is fair and just??????? In Fulton County, GA, it was illegal for a woman to walk on any public walkway in high heels until just a few years ago. The law was still on the books from the 19th century when businesses used wooden sidewalks. The legislature gets together and holds a “clean up” session every year. Literally, they have to go through and get rid of laws like that, but there are so many, they have to do it a little bit at a time. It is still illegal to ride in a car with the window part way down in some states. It must be either all the way up or all the way down. How many people have you met who have received a citation for that infraction? Before you start spouting stupidity, pick up a book and learn something. Otherwise, you just sound like an idiot.

  2. What!?!
    A whole series of errors here!
    Failure of the teachers to handle a child in distress.
    Calling the police on a child causing a problem.
    The police arriving and NOT saying classroom discipline is not their jurisdiction.
    The police actually taking the child out of the school.
    Putting a child in handcuffs, without thinking of the effect on the child!!

  3. I’m very upset. This is the society where Florida lives. In Europe is illegal to arrest a child under 14. I want very strict rules by meaning of arresting children under 14, like not only being fired, and also they should be arrested.

    1. State motto of Florida is ” HOW LOW CAN YOU GO ” ? Everyday we we see more insanity coming from those Trumpazoids .

    2. I’m from Romania, so the laws are different. And a mistake, the child can answer criminally by 13 years old and from 14 years, he will be arrested.

  4. The law only covers children up to the age of 7? What on earth are these legislators thinking? Are they ok with their children and grandbabies being handcuffed and arrested? Despicable cruelty.

    1. @Mario Mario If you don’t know if Trump has broken any laws then you are either incredibly stupid or incredibly uninformed.

  5. That is disgusting. The common sense of the officers is beyond my understanding, as well as the inaction of discussion and updates of the whole Florida law pertaining to underage and teens arrest. Why would you ever need handcuffs on a 6-year old? That brings so much unnecessary damage to their state of mind at a young age. If there is any disciplinary issues within school, you pick up the damn phone and call their parents and have a chat, not call for cops with guns on a 6y.o. female child.

  6. There is absolutely no way that a 6-year-old is culpable for most crimes. Kids do not always know the right or wrong as it pertains to conduct and behavior. This is the lunacy of our state officials. This country is sinking into depravity faster and faster.

    1. @YT Sux Sorry but BLM is a hate group. Its xenophobic and exclusive in its very name. All lives should always matter. Maga is no better then BLM and vica verse.

    2. @YT Sux BLM is a anti-American movement funded by CCP… every American should fight against BLM, which is nothing but a terrorist organization meant to destabilize the USA from within…

    3. Yes, my son learned the middle finger from another kid. He threw up the middle finger to a security guard thinking it was funny. They took him to the principal’s office where they called us to pick him up. We had to talk to him and make him understand that it was not funny and not appropriate. He’s never had another issue since.

    4. @Wulfrache The US is a very racist country, if I was black and lived in America i’d probably be protesting too, that doesnt then automatically make me part of a hate group.

  7. Never did anyone within our organization request or direct the school resource officer to arrest this student.
    Funny how you sat there and didn’t say or do a damn thing.

    1. Plainly said “you’re going with the police officer now baby”; is what I heard the woman in the background say.

    2. Authorities of any organization are always ready to evade responsibility.
      The #1 procedure for them in times of trouble is CYA.

  8. Fist fights would break out in high school, they would end up suspending at the end of the day. No cops, no handcuffs, no jail.

    6 years old, jesus christ.

  9. This seems like a very odd situation. Why would the principal not just take her to the office and call the parents to pick her up? Suspend for a day, learn a lesson, move on.

    1. @& I think they could sue if the parents were not contacted first. And if there is not a school or district policy to call the police if a student is hitting a teacher.

    2. @Chad Bunn I totally agree, who knows if she had resources to sue, time, etc. I agree with discipline, not abuse. Hopefully employers won’t use it against her one day.

    3. @Von Bailey I see alot of . I always gave full respect to a teacher as a child. U don’t want the police to come respect teachers. I blame bad kids on there parents. Don’t cry when the Police comes.

  10. I remember this, along with a lot of people saying “i bet she’ll behave in class next time” because causing Trauma in a 6 year old is considered a “corrective action” to these people. Resource officers should be there to protect the students, not police them. It’s training kids to be normal and okay with a police state, which the Florida government is 100% okay with.

    1. I read your comment with my hand on my mouth 👀OMG what is going on in America 👀 Jesus I’m mortified watching this what is the matter with the USA how disgusting can some people be I mean WHAT 👀

    2. @Sharon Findlay to be fair it’s fixated in Florida, where Snowbirds are taken care of with the one residence floridians taxes, was plenty of those 50+ year olds who are driving the policy in the state while only using the state as a sunny vacation home.

  11. What on earth have we become that school officials and teachers are not capable of handling a child’s temper tantrum without the help of the police? Arresting a 6 year old? That’s sheer insanity, absolutely wrong and utterly despicable. Every teacher, school official and police officer involved in this situation should be deeply ashamed.

    1. Yt rage.. thats what happened… teachers are not allowed to handle situations it teach the child because of these people

    2. The obvious solution was to call the parents and get them to take the child home! How on earth did they think calling the police would help???

  12. This is heartbreaking. What have we become when we criminalise childhood? Love and respect to this family and all others affected by this blight on our land and laws.

    1. @Mono Palle no, childhood isn’t about hitting other kids. But it happens and the usual process is responsible adults teaching them better ways to deal with conflicts without aggression. It certainly isn’t this where you teach them the full overwhelming aggressive power of the state. Don’t know if you have kids but sure hope you gain wisdom and compassion before any come under your ‘care.’

  13. I was arrested when I was 55 for pushing someone out my door. It wasn’t hard, they didn’t fall, just took a step back. It was the most traumatic experience of my life. I have never been in trouble so I was just shocked by the way I was treated. The actual arrest, the treatment by corrections officers, the smells and sounds of that jail still haunt me. I can’t imagine doing that to a 6 year old, that is criminal.

    1. Welcome to the reality of our criminal system. Sorry to hear you had that experience. Our system is not built for justice its built for suffering.

    2. @Justice Matters I used to support law enforcement several years ago but after seeing SO many cases and stories like this one, I’ve lost respect for most of them. There are good cops but they are becoming rare and it’s unfortunate. All I’m seeing is a bunch of psycho’s who only protect the elites and politicians, not the people that genuinely need them.

    3. @Zippy 🎀 Trust me I understand. I don’t know what the solution is to fix it, but I don’t think painting them all is bad is getting to many people. I think maybe if we focus on the support of the cops that we know are good and I understand they are few we might just be able to get more good apples in the barrel. Its a mess I agree and I am worried for this country because if authoritarians leaders take over I’m sure they will be their thugs. I am seeing the double standard all over. We have to change our message and make people understand we support good police and good policing more. If you have any solutions please let me know your take on how to fix it because defund police is not working and has had the opposite effect on the vast majority of voters. I never liked the framing it should have always been restructure the police.

    4. @Justice Matters Thing is, I’m not for defunding police either, never have been. I want reform in psychological evaluations because it seems like many who are getting recruited have this arbitrary system when it comes to punishment. Their version of what is right and what is wrong can be entirely different than ours depending on their ego. Most of our system now days doesn’t feel like one of justice anymore. To reiterate, it feels like it’s about punishment without morals. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve encountered some amazing officers and luckily never came across one that had John Wayne syndrome. But in my eyes, law enforcement has a LOT of reforming that needs to be done. I could just be rambling but overall, no matter what, I think police reform is needed.

    1. This is all politically motivated to cause regression, not progression. No person is black, white or blue. There’s only one human race. However, as long as people are categorized like they’re mobs and gangs these behaviors will continue. Especially when people are taught as children to represent being colors none of them are.

      This month is definitely used by the media and others to cause more division and hate. They’ve been aware of things like this before now, but they choose not to expose it until it’s beneficial to them economically, socially or politically. Do they deliberately seek these kinds of stories out, particularly because this month has race attached to it?

      There are reasons to be skeptical about whether or not some incidents the news reports are real or staged. Especially when nearly all stories involving police is about them mistreating people based on their skin colors. It’s actually programming the police and other citizens to think such behaviors are to be expected, typical and normal; which causes it to continue in one way or another, rather than it changing.

  14. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time a group of police officers had a mother and her small children laying on their stomachs on a hot asphalt parking lot because they thought her car was stolen. I can still hear the children crying and how there was no compassion shown toward the children. Sad world.

  15. Unbelievable that anyone would put handcuffs on a 6 year old then put them in the back of a police car and take them unaccompanied to the police station! and why would a 6 year old have to even go to a police station? Unacceptable. Period

  16. Before you start judging her situation: Her grandmother is her sole guardian. The girl was also in a special needs class, so they should’ve tried to calm her first. Unfortunately, most public school administrators do not understand how kids with developmental or behavioral issues can seem to overreact or lash out. Add in a lot of budgetary cuts for teachers and/or therapists, but increase the budgets for armed guards who are basically bouncers in a school setting. Personally, I had to explain what autism was to a school secretary who tried to advise me that all my 3 year old son needed was a “good, swift kick in the pants” when he had a meltdown. Fortunately, she was overheard and is no longer there. Unfortunately, there are way too many people who are in the education system that genuinely believe that all behavioral or developmental disorders are solely caused by permissive parenting. Oh how I wish that were true!
    The type of sleep apnea that this girl has affects her sleep cycles, which can affect her behavior. I know that I’m cranky if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, but I know how to articulate what I’m feeling. She didn’t.
    Putting a C-Pap machine on as an adult is a huge adjustment, but imagine putting that mask over a child’s face! They’re not the most comfortable things. She also has an alarm for when she stops breathing that alerts her grandmother. All of this would stress me out, then I have to worry about if she’s going to piss off the school administrators?

    1. Excellent comment. Thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable. And an antidote to all the cruel opinions expressed by the ignorant and hateful.
      I get cranky when I don’t have proper and timely sleep myself.
      Thank you!

    2. I got my Education degree and teacher’s license in 1985 in Nebraska. Part of my requirements was to take Developmental and Educational Psychology classes (the latter taught about behavior and classroom management). I worked with autistic people for years before going overseas to teach. Before I could work with autistic people I had do training on how to restrain them so that they didn’t hurt themselves or others. Back then “mainstreaming” was a new concept and was part of “Special Education.”

      My daughter attends an international school with licensed teachers here and I am amazed at the teaching mistakes they make (labeling, group assignments, etc). They know how to write lesson plans, but that seems to be it. Have teaching requirements decreased over the years? To be a school administrator used to require a Masters Degree. No more? Common sense would even tell you not to handcuff a child. Don’t they have timeout rooms or areas? This video amazes me that anyone would ever consider arresting a student on school property unless it was for dealing drugs or extremely violence. What is happening to the US?

    3. Handcuffing a SIX YEAR OLD? Totally unacceptable. Seriously Florida police need to be educated in proper handling of children.

    4. They had to decrease teaching standards to adjust for the poor salary they were unwilling to subsidize by taxing billionaires as much as the average person.

  17. Has anyone seen that story out of Maryland about the kindergartener who ran away from school (he was round just down the street) and he was arrested? This occurred 2017 or 2018 I believe. There were many officers around, all of them lamenting that this is what happens when you can’t beat your kids anymore. Sick. Sick mindset.

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