‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill passed in Florida, heads to DeSantis to sign | USA TODAY

'Don't Say Gay' bill passed in Florida, heads to DeSantis to sign | USA TODAY 1


  1. Why would anyone come here for news. You are clearly taking democrat talking points and using them as headlines to gaslight the sheep.

  2. I feel it needs to be said but young children just need to remain as children. Kids aren’t thinking about their identity or sexuality that young they just want to have fun and be carefree. Why do we need to force these ideas into their head at a young age? I live in Colorado and think it’s ridiculous that our governor wants to start teaching at a young age. I think sex Ed should evolve to today’s time and teach more about understanding certain feelings but when they’re at that age of developing sexual feelings and developing their identity.

    Edit: if you’re a parent teaching your kid by your own decision for them to be gender neutral, non Binary, gay, etc then I have zero to little respect for you. Let them decide for their selves who they are don’t automatically decide for them before their born. The problem I see lately is parents and the public deciding for them

    1. I just read your comment here and I do feel that you are mistaken or simply unaware on what the children of the last 20 years are thinking of in regards to their identity and their personal lives. There are more children today that are 100% aware of who they are without prompting from adults or from various forms of social media outlets influencing them. We live in an age where primary school children as young as 6 years old ends up finding out for themselves who they are with 100% clarity and through a simple Google search can find out anything that they want to learn about. I mean, parents can put parental controls on their kids phones and computers. However, they don’t do that to their kids friends phones and computers. There is nothing wrong at all with harmless, age appropiate discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in primary school classrooms. The point is the kids of today for sure see and completely understand a lot more of the world around them than what the adults in their lives give them credit for and are aware of no matter their background and no matter where they are being raised.

    2. @Gwen Leonard well I disagree with you and that’s my opinion. No one knows who they are, what they wanna be, and their future that young

    3. So they shouldn’t learn about heterosexuality at this age either? Good it’s settled. #dontsayorientationbill

    4. @Gwen Leonard you’re obviously a child groomer no children under 10 are thinking who they’re sexually attracted to .
      Also self identification isn’t scientific you are what you’re born as learn to accept who you are

  3. Remember God loves you😊♥️
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    If you trust in Jesus Christ and repent, you will be saved🙏🙏.
    He is coming back soon😌…

  4. It should be allowed, otherwise what the young bullies would say before they beat you up for being, “You’re so gay.”

  5. That’s the problem with sin, it knows no boundaries. Not only do these people demand special rights, they want to impose their behavior on the rest. Liberals of the past were about “live and let live”…today they want to drag you with them!!! Thank God for DeSantis!!!

  6. How about if we get back to teaching children reading and writing, instead of what Ennis does with Jack! They can’t get a job with that knowledge! 🙄,,

  7. Awesome news!

    Keep the talk about transvestites away from young children, because we can’t trust the teachers with these matters!

  8. I completely agree with this. If it only effects children in those grades or those ages groups.

  9. What a joke. The bill doesn’t say that anywhere in it. Leave the damn kids alone! DeSantis for President!

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