Doonesbury's Trudeau: Trump Was A 'Full-Blown Comic Strip Character' | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

Doonesbury’s Trudeau: Trump Was A ‘Full-Blown Comic Strip Character’ | The Beat With Ari Melber


Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to talk about satirizing Trump and politics in the Biden era. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @George Henderson I can’t get it in there, George. There’s too many retrumplicans hogging all the space and claiming to be victims of anyone else who tries to get in, LMAO.

    2. @James Smith
      Trump gave up a life of luxury ( could have just retired and not run for political office with all the BS and attacks from the left and those with political power ) for his country.
      Biden gave up his country for a life of luxury.

    3. @George Henderson There was not a “lethal dose of illegal drugs” in George Floyd’s blood stream. There were barely discernible traces of recreational drugs per both the Police Medical Examiner and the findings of the Doctor the family hired to do an autopsy. Stop blaming the victim. He died because a man knelled on his back, not for any other reason.

    4. @Kteka There are waaaaaay more books on Trump? No way I don’t know who would want to read a book about sleepy Joe. He’s about as interesting as an IRS Audit. With MSM covering for Joe and the Democrats it’ll be hard to find any dirt on them. Too bad the FBI is dragging their feet on Hunters laptop. Good thing they got 68 yo Roger Stone and 76 yo Rudy G. We can all sleep easy now.

  1. Trudeau’s strip during Tianenmen was absolutely heartbreaking. Nobody but Walt Kelly caught the flavor of the age like Doonesbury does.

    1. @Pete Lind I’ve noticed that as soon as somebody makes a comment about the Chinese Communist Government there are people willing to jump in with an immediate defense. Curiously their names have always been single vowels, almost like they are Chinese names Anglicized. It is almost like the Chinese Communist Government can do no wrong and only western governments ever do wrong.

    2. @Brian Trueman Who is defending ? I gave you a bigger picture , the protests in China started in 1970s and the last one , where the tank drove over ONE protestor , had already been going on for weeks , so Chinese government had more patience dealing with a protest , than what USA ever has .
      In USA its strait away national guard , teargas and unconstitutional arrests , if people even think about equal rights.
      Also when China does something its to its own people , when USA does something it kills millions of people in other countries , like Vietnam , Iraq , Afghanistan , Yemen , Somalia , Iran , Chile , Argentina , Brazil , Turkey , Syria a.s.o .
      One protestor lost life by China in 1989 , USA is doing a genocide in Yemen right now , pick the worse one .

  2. Exactly The Bully. It’s amazing how even the most educated among us can allow ourselves to be bullied, even in the highest places.

  3. Secret service members: I went to college, went through the process, never would have thought I would be in prison…

  4. Trudeau also has a history of drawing Presidents as invisible, representing them with floating icons. As I seem to recall, Bill Clinton was a waffle, Dubya was an asterisk, then later a Roman Centurion’s helmet, and Bush the First was a whisper.

  5. I remember seeing Doonesbury in the comics section of my local paper when I was a kid, but I never got it, I was too young to understand the joke or the references. Nowadays though, its the first one I read and its brilliantly funny.

    Cheers Mr. Trudeau, heres to another 50 years

    1. Same here … I _really_ enjoy them now! Even in following politics, it gives you a different a perspective.

  6. Very good Old fan for years.Glad to see he’s still in the saddle. Will have to watch for some new stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  7. An old favorite of mine was from 1976 – BD asks his teammate Kirby why he’s voting for Carter.
    Kirby: “Because he’s clever. And he says he will make the government as warm, decent and caring as the people like me!”
    BD: “But Kirby, you’re a mean, selfish bigot!”
    Kirby: “Then you ADMIT he’s clever!”

  8. Man, I haven’t heard the name Gary Trudeau in a long, long time. I remember seeing and sometimes reading his comic every Sunday in The Washington Star and Washington Post newspapers.
    Imagine being able to make a living with your talent and being highly successfully and well-regarded for it. That’s the dream job !

  9. Just looked up Garry Trudeau’s net worth. The man has made 40 million dollars doing Doonesbury comic. Boy am I in the wrong business…

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