Double Standard For Tanden Nomination Tests Manchin's Integrity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Double Standard For Tanden Nomination Tests Manchin’s Integrity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow shares her assessment of Senator Joe Manchin as a thoughtful person, and doubts he can abide the stark double standard being applied to President Joe Biden's OMB nominee, Neera Tanden. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Double Standard For Tanden Nomination Tests Manchin's Integrity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @cathy hagerman No1 gives af what you like or what you don’t. If you don’t live in Virginia, and you aren’t represented by him, pipe down.

  1. Manchin is Dems version of Susan Collins. We have to live with it. Otherwise, I don’t see AOC being senator from West Virginia

  2. His there for the ride. West Virginia is in trouble help them. Don’t be a thorn in the senate confirmations.

    1. Oh, c’mon Rachel! … Tanden’s false and baseless comments re Tulsi Gabbard are reasons alone to can Tanden. Tulsi was Tanden’s hero when Gabbard was vice chair of the DNC when Clinton ran, but Tanden made Tulsi her enemy when Tulsi resigned her high DNC position, (due to Hillary’s hawkish world views), to nominate Bernie Sanders. Talk about your hypocrites Rachel … Tanden should be at the top of your list!!!

    2. @Dave Smith … Maybe Dave, if your buddy Avenatti gets acquitted, you would stump for him to lead the 2024 ticket???
      Avenatti / Tanden ???

  3. He made the right call but for the wrong reason. She has significant conflict of interest and was a Hillary corporate hack.

  4. Will Rachel address how Neera Tanden outed a sexual abuse victim? The excuse of Republicans doing it too wont really land on that one.

    1. @★ Froggie Animation ★ The Center For American Progress Staff Was Shocked After Neera Tanden Named The Anonymous Harassment Victim In An All-Staff Meeting
      The meeting comes after BuzzFeed News reported on allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation against those who reported at the progressive organization. “People audibly gasped when she did that.” -buzzfeed 2018

    2. @NotEnganged I don’t think America really cares about that. We just went through 4 years of Trump. If you’re gonna nit pick like that then nobody is qualified for office. Remember, Joe Manchin was 100% behind Kavanaugh because the evidence wasn’t solid. This evidence to block Tanden isn’t solid either.

      Double Standards for Double Career Politicians. What else do you have about Tanden? People care about far more horrendous things going on in Think Tanks like Center For American Progress.

      You talk about this obscure Think Tank… let’s see you start talking about other Think Tanks like the Tavistock Institute. Too close to home?

    1. The only bipartisanship the republicans agree with is when democrats accept their proposals as dogma without buts.

  5. What I took away from his statement was that she would not bring the “unity”’ that is needed at this point. I don’t know how that’s a double standard.

    1. @Amy Hutchinson The “Trump Guy” is…..US Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell. This guy has tweeted numerous discriminatory remarks against women in power. Plus the numerous other Trump appointees with a sketchy past. However on Manchin’s defense. His district is bright red and if he looks too liberal he doesn’t stand a chance at winning re-election. Without Joe Manchin “Moscow Mitch” would still be majority leader.

    2. @Amy Hutchinson no, but his name was stated in another video by MSNBC and his tweets were compared to her ones, I think it was Rachel Maddow in the last two or three days, just go watch her videos.

  6. Makes perfect sense to be mad at a senator for actually thinking about the american people instead of being a sheep like everyone wants him to be. Good on ya Joe

    1. How exactly is he thinking of the American people ? Trumps nominations. Were forced through and then fired and replaced by acting directors. Consistency would be nice, suddenly a dem is in power so we have to have standards and principals from the pearl clutching republicants.

  7. I’m sorry, did you just headline Manchin and Integrity in the same sentence? Hahahahahahaha! You guys crack me up.

  8. It’s not ‘just’ Joe Manchin. Its everyone who doesn’t want the US to become a laughingstock again. Drop Tanden, now!

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