Doug Ford blames the COVID-19 third wave on borders, but experts aren't so sure 1

Doug Ford blames the COVID-19 third wave on borders, but experts aren’t so sure


Dr. Ronald St. John reacts to Ont. Premier Doug Ford's claims that borders caused Ontario's third wave.


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    1. @Jumbo Me not according to any science that i am aware of. maybe you have something recent to share.

    2. Yes, they are effective. No, nothing will change. Get your 1rst and 2nd dose, mask up and shut up, don’t set foot outside, lose your life, job and family. And maybe, just maybe, you can go shoot a few hoops in October.

  1. Lol of course the third wave is 100% on Trudeau who are these experts liberal voters ? How else did variants get across the ocean ? Pretty simple to understand unless you’re liberal

  2. I just love how they frame this as if it couldn’t possibly be the case that both sides are wrong.

  3. I remember when President Trump slowed flights down from overseas. He was labeled a racist.

    1. COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown: response time is more important than its strictness

      “We found high correlation between the response time of a country and its mortality rate. This finding suggests that countries that took early measures to limit population mixing had better control on the viral-related mortality. In contrast, neither the lockdown duration nor the lockdown strictness were significantly associated with mortality rates.”

  4. If there were a new variant of concern that developed right here in Canada, wouldn’t we be irresponsible not to contain it and wouldn’t other countries have every reason to not accept our travellers?

  5. You mean like Roxham rd and thousands of international students pouring in , not to mention taking jobs and housing . Apparently the gov is ensuring the universities are raking in the dough .

  6. .net about the whole virus lives on surfaces thing and import of products. That anf that 85% Prime “” essential travellers are exempt Trump quarantene

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