1. Never thought i would see Doug Ford suck up to Trudeau after what Trudeau said about him during the election .

    1. Richard Gallant it shows he’s a very smart politician. He knows it takes all parties to share common ground for inward investment.. this is politics he has no love for Sock boy.

  2. Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba is in a critical time what about helping these conservative provinces Doug Ford

    1. Ontario had become have not, thanks to the business friendly McGuinty administration. It’s a problem all over the western world. Too much debt, culture of entitlement and big bloated governments.

  3. Wait till alberta cut off there payment they have to start a charity to feed them .hmm I wonder what they will call it ???

    1. No he’s not sir. He said he takes endless calls from teachers and says teachers don’t agree with their unions. That’s a load of crap! If that’s true, then why are teacher strike votes in the upper 90% range? That only proves that teachers don’t agree with Doug Ford’s cuts and that Doug Ford is full of hot air. He’s a straight shooter of crap.

    2. @Jesse he’s trying to balance a budget the fecking libs (wynndbag) drove up.
      Kinda like the current lib government.
      Wake the feck up!

    3. D MD well before he attacks children’s education he should put an end to the 14% raise he gave to the deputy ministers, he should revoke the 1% tax rebate to the rich and corporations, he should take back $10 million from horse racing. He should start in his own “house” and cut costs. The MPPs just came back after a 5 month leave…did they get full salary? I’m sick and tired of teachers being attacked…I’m not a teacher by the way but I have spent many hours volunteering and working as an educational assistant in a classroom and have seen first hand what they face daily. They deal with children who come to school with no respect for their teachers because they listen to their parents trash their teachers in front of them. Teachers have to be social workers, psychiatrists and babysitters to sick kids whose parents send to school anyway. And that teacher had better not take a sick day! But then what education did Ford get other than the entrepreneurial kind selling drugs outside of his high school!

  4. I feel bad for Quebecers. First they’re government bans fireplaces and wood stoves, wants to be their own country..they don’t support pipelines..now 85% of their province might be out of heat during winter because of the CN strike.

    1. Isn’t it awesome. They wanted freedom and self governing, now they are getting it with no help from Canada. Hey Legault, how about a pipeline with unlimited supply of propane from Alberta, or is this still socially unacceptable? Fend for yourselves.

  5. Is this a smoke screen? Ford seems to forget all the discord that is going on . This is far greater than just transit issues . 🤔

  6. End equalization now. That will be a message that there is real intent to unite the country. Or AB has a referendum on equalization.

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