Doug Ford is more popular than his party – will that be a problem in the next election? | TREND LINE 1

Doug Ford is more popular than his party – will that be a problem in the next election? | TREND LINE


A provincial election is looming in Ontario, CTV News' Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos look at the performance of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and some new numbers showing he may be facing a rocky road to reelection.

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  1. Horwath claimed her new outfits as political transportation and mileage on her tax returns when she campaigned against Ford.

  2. Not bad for someone that used to sell hash out of his garage in the west end of Toronto near Jane & Woolner….

  3. Anyone remember when he effectively created what he described as a police state by allowing police to pull over anyone they wanted to harass them about their whereabouts?

    1. I donated and voted for him. Boy oh boy do I have buyers remorse. I am so disgusted with him that even in the federal elections I did not vote for PC

  4. Anyone remember that literally right before the pandemic started he was trying to institute a selection of mandatory online classes for all students; then when everyone suddenly had to experience what online learning was like all of a sudden it was “important for kids to be in classrooms?”

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